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Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner Read the opening extract of the brand new Susie Steiner book before its publication on 05/04/2018

'new gen' - Great Fiction for Young Adults 'new gen' - Great Fiction for Young Adults

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Renegades by Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer
In a Nutshell: Anarchy, Justice, Heroes versus Villains Hot on the heels of Wonder Woman, and timely with Black Panther’s rapturous big screen release, this kick-ass superhero adventure abounds in extravagant Good versus Evil battles and high-octane action. In a...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/04/2018
Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron
Out of the Blue
Sophie Cameron
In a Nutshell: Falling Angels | Rising Hope | Falling in Love Compelling magic realist debut in which a fallen angel named Teacake helps heal a teen girl’s grief. Across the world angel-like Beings are falling from the sky. Their...
Format: Paperback - Released: 22/03/2018
The Heart of Mars by Paul Magrs
The Heart of Mars
Paul Magrs
In a Nutshell: Martian odyssey meets classic quest Ingeniously inventive, involving and wildly witty, this thrilling finale of the Lora Trilogy is sci-fi, but not as you know it… Having suffered and survived the perils of the inhospitable Martian...
Format: Paperback - Released: 15/03/2018
Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
Strange the Dreamer
Laini Taylor
A magical new world and a whole host of stunning characters to take to your hearts in this brand new, un-putdownable novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Laini Taylor.
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer
More Than We Can Tell
Brigid Kemmerer
March 2018 Book of the Month | In a nutshell: gripping YA thriller | Two damaged young people are the central characters in this gripping novel. Rev, who lives with his adopted parents, still bears the scars inflicted by his...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon
The Song Rising
Samantha Shannon
This gorgeously intense and fully fledged dystopian fantasy series continues in fine style with The Song Rising. Paige has risen through the ranks as she tries to combat the hell that precious few know about or even believe is forming,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen
Orphan Monster Spy
Matt Killeen
In a Nutshell: Resilience, retaliation and world-changing undercover work in Nazi Germany Stinging with drama, action and, above all, a relentless sense of urgency, this ruthlessly remarkable debut sees an indomitable Jewess go undercover. When Sarah’s mother is shot...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
She, Myself and I by Emma Young
She, Myself and I
Emma Young
A story about identity, courage and searching for the truth of who you are. This book made me cry, it made me feel, it made me think and it made me want to read on. Emma Young brings us a...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
Big Bones by Laura Dockrill
Big Bones
Laura Dockrill
In a Nutshell: Hearty hope-filled ode to food-love, self-love and living out loud As energising as a super food salad, as satisfying and nourishing as your favourite home-cooked meal, this delectable novel about feeling comfortable in your own skin has...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw
The Wicked Deep
Shea Ernshaw
In a Nutshell: Centuries-old sisters wreak revenge An ancient curse haunts a contemporary town, with a seventeen-year-old heroine at the very heart of its darkness. Two centuries ago, three sisters accused of witchcraft were drowned as punishment for their alleged...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross
The Queen's Rising
Rebecca Ross
In a Nutshell: High Fantasy | Hidden Heritage | Political plotting | This exuberantly ambitious fantasy debut set in an alternate 16th century sees seventeen-year-old Brienna embroiled in treasonous plots and passionate encounters galore. With her mother dead and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
Children of Blood and Bone
Tomi Adeyemi
In a Nutshell: Thrilling fantasy and West African folklore An exceptional fantastical debut that weaves dark magic, powerful female protagonists and West African folklore into a richly rewarding novel, the first in what promises to be a truly epic trilogy...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/03/2018
Flying Tips for Flightless Birds by Kelly McCaughrain
Flying Tips for Flightless Birds
Kelly McCaughrain
In a Nutshell: It takes courage for the show to go on Highs, lows, love and laughter - this big-hearted circus-set debut has it all. Siblings Finch and Birdie Franconi are high-flying trapeze artists in their family circus school. They’re...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2018
Shadows by Meaghan McIsaac
Meaghan McIsaac
In a Nutshell: Time-travel, tyranny and tension This suspenseful sequel to Movers takes readers on an exhilarating time-travel trip as Patrick tries to return to his own time to save his family’s fate. In 2083, overcrowded and ailing planet...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2018
The Misper by Bea Davenport
The Misper
Bea Davenport
A tale for young adults about friendship, loyalty, and bullying, while a chilling twist of supernatural haunts the pages. Anna and Zoe are stuck with Kerry who follows them around like a puppy dog. Kerry is always on the edge...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2018
Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen
Optimists Die First
Susin Nielsen
Longlisted for the UKLA 2018 Book Award | In a Nutshell: how to hope for the best even when you’ve been through the worst | Susin Nielsen puts her protagonists through the most terrible situations, but always manages to keep...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2018
Tender by Eve Ainsworth
Eve Ainsworth
In a Nutshell: Young carers learn to live for today Tender in both name and tone, this involving debut tackles tough themes with heart-wrenching honesty. Marty’s mum struggles to get out of bed, while for Marty it’s the going to...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/03/2018
The Bolds' Great Adventure World Book Day 2018 by Julian Clary
The Bolds' Great Adventure World Book Day 2018
Julian Clary

Format: Paperback - Released: 22/02/2018
Paddington Turns Detective and Other Funny Stories by Michael Bond
Paddington Turns Detective and Other Funny Stories
Michael Bond

Format: Paperback - Released: 22/02/2018
The Taste of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles
The Taste of Blue Light
Lydia Ruffles
February 2018 Debut of the Month | In a nutshell: angry, witty and ultimately life-affirming coming-of-age story The Taste of Blue Light establishes Lydia Ruffles as an exciting and original new voice in YA. We first meet her...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/02/2018
Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson
Piecing Me Together
Renee Watson
In a Nutshell: Be Your Best “Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be brilliant. Be (your) best”. So resolves main character Jade in this timely, inspirational novel that will surely motivate many young women to do the same. ...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/02/2018
The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson
The Wren Hunt
Mary Watson
February 2018 Debut of the Month | In a Nutshell: Electrifying folkloric thriller Blending folkloric fantasy with contemporary romance, this immersive multi-layered novel heralds the arrival of a unique new voice in young adult fiction. Each Christmas, Wren is hunted in...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/02/2018
Goodbye, Perfect by Sara Barnard
Goodbye, Perfect
Sara Barnard
In a Nutshell: True friendship tested Fresh-voiced and thought-provoking contemporary YA exploring friendship, trust, messing up and trying to do the right thing in the aftermath of a teen girl going on the run with a teacher. Fabulously forthright Eden...
Format: Paperback - Released: 08/02/2018
Things a Bright Girl Can Do by Sally Nicholls
Things a Bright Girl Can Do
Sally Nicholls
February 2018 Book of the Month This inspirational novel about three young Suffragettes from very different backgrounds is at once a riveting character-driven read, and an outstandingly rich account of British social history between 1914 and 1917. Seventeen-year-old Evelyn is...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2018
The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
The Ask and the Answer
Patrick Ness
A special anniversary edition, with a striking new cover design, to celebrate 10 years of the Chaos Walking trilogy. Prize-winning author Patrick Ness follows up The Knife of Never Letting Go with equally hard hitting The Ask and the Answer. Trying to...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2018
Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
Monsters of Men
Patrick Ness
A special anniversary edition, with a striking new cover design, to celebrate 10 years of the Chaos Walking trilogy. This is a spine-tingling, page turning read. Heaped with well-deserved awards, the Chaos Walking Trilogy comes to a brilliant conclusion in...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2018
The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
The Knife of Never Letting Go
Patrick Ness
A special collector's edition 10th anniversary edition | In a Nutshell: “Knowledge is dangerous” | A special anniversary edition, with a striking new cover design, to celebrate 10 years of the Chaos Walking trilogy. The electrifying and unflinching young adult novel...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2018
Young, Gifted and Black by Jamia Wilson
Young, Gifted and Black
Jamia Wilson
In a Nutshell: Inspiring celebration of black trailblazers This inspiring, illuminating, stylishly accessible anthology invites young readers to discover and celebrate phenomenal forebears and contemporary catalysts, while encouraging them to blaze their own inimitable trails. Taking its name from...
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/02/2018
Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Neal Shusterman
Wow! This was a gripping, thought-provoking read. Totally compelling, Scythe is a dark, original take on the ultimate power – the power over life and death. Death and disease have been eradicated and life can continue quietly without fear of...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2018
Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory
Dark Tracks
Philippa Gregory
In a Nutshell: Drive Out the Devil Dancers Menace, madness and medieval adventure abound in this thrilling fourth volume of the atmospheric Order of Darkness series by a doyenne of historical fiction. Luca Vero belongs to the Order of Darkness...
Format: Hardback - Released: 25/01/2018
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