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The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2017 The Walter Scott Prize 2017

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The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2017 Shortlist announced! Seven books are on the £25,000 Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2017 shortlist. They are: A Country Road, A Tree by Jo BakerDays Without End by Sebastian BarryThe Vanishing Futurist by Charlotte HobsonThe Good People by Hannah KentGolden Hill by Francis SpuffordMothering Sunday by Graham SwiftThe Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain Walter Scott Prize Shortlist 2017

The Judges commented:

“We have a longer shortlist than usual due to the variety of the longlist, and the fresh perspectives and lively debate generated by the introduction of three new judges to the panel.

Our shortlist was achieved by the judges' instinctive reaction to each book. The seven shortlisted novels, a mix of old hands and new voices, offer readers joy in the discovery of unusual subjects and times; appreciation of historical research and insight worn lightly and applied skilfully; and, perhaps most important of all, that visceral connection to the characters which is the prerequisite of every novel, whether historical or not.

The judging panel comprises Alistair Moffat (chair), Elizabeth Buccleuch, Kate Figes, Katharine Grant, James Holloway, Elizabeth Laird, and James Naughtie. They will meet to decide the winner just ahead of its announcement at the Borders Book Festival on Saturday 17th June. The box office for the festival is open now. Click here to find out more.

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To qualify, books must have been published in the previous year in the UK or the Commonwealth, and be mostly set in the past - for the purposes of the Prize, at least 60 years ago. This definition comes from the subtitle of Walter Scott’s novel Waverley; Or, ’Tis Sixty Years Since.

Jo Baker
Sebastian Barry
Charlotte Hobson
Hannah Kent
Francis Spufford
Graham Swift
Rose Tremain