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Welcome to Maxim Jakubowski's world of books... _________________________

As the gloomy weather digs in for March, there is never a better time for reading, curled under the covers or stretched out in an armchair, enjoying both the heat inside and the warmth provided by a contrasting set of books moving from moods of quiet and affecting meditation provided by Towles, Farris Smith and Auster for example, and the pyrotechnic and gripping action of the majority of my other selections strictly geared for speed and thrills, a setting as comforting as any other. By coincidence, all the books I have selected this month happen to be by men; it's not deliberate, just happened. Maybe after the publishing industry's traditional focus on health and diet following the possible culinary excesses of the Xmas and New Year period, it subliminally felt that March should see an emphasis on fast moving narratives to compensate? But then I'm not a conspiracy theorist!


Maxim Jakubowski is the chair of the judging panel for the Crime Writers' Association John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger for the best first time author.

A veteran publisher and once owner of the Murder One bookstore, Maxim Jakubowski has won awards for his writing in not only crime & mystery, but also in science fiction & fantasy and erotic writing. He was for two decades the crime columnist for Time Out and then the Guardian and, under a pen name, makes regular appearances in the Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller list.

One of the leading world experts in all forms of popular fiction, he has published over 100 anthologies and, for many years, has been editing annual anthology series presenting the best stories of the year in British Crime and Erotica. You can find out more about Maxim on his website or facebook page.

Author photo © Marco Del Comune

Amor Towles
Michael Farris Smith
Daniel Cole
Luke McCallin
Paul Auster
Mike Nicol
Al Robertson
Nicolas Obregon
Mick Herron
Gregg Hurwitz