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Tree Of Life by Christian Jacq
Tree Of Life
Christian Jacq
Christian Jacq is pre-eminent in everything Egyptian in the historical sense. His bestselling Ramses series launched his career and now, in the first of a new four book series, in the temple of Abydos, an acacia tree is dying. Its...
Format: Hardback - Released: 07/03/2005
The Double Eagle by James Twining
The Double Eagle
James Twining
This international thriller set in the art world is a stunning debut novel from a man who was named one of ‘The Best of Young British Entreprenuersâ – just think Thomas Crown meets 007
Format: Hardback - Released: 07/02/2005
Sea of Glory by Nathaniel Philbrick
Sea of Glory
Nathaniel Philbrick
The tale of a remarkable 1838 expedition of six sailing ships, 346 men and four years spent surveying 280 Pacific islandsal novel that is highly topical, taut, witty and entertaining
Format: Paperback - Released: 07/02/2005
Fallen Angels by Bernard Cornwell
Fallen Angels
Bernard Cornwell
The second in the Chronicle of the Lazender family, however you would be forgiven if you couldn’t recall the 1st as it was published in 1983 by Cornwell’s pseudonym (Susannah Kells) click here for the 1st book A Crowning...
Format: Paperback - Released: 07/02/2005
The Children's War by Monique Charlesworth
The Children's War
Monique Charlesworth
A coming of age novel set in war torn Europe which alternates between the stories of an unhappy member of the Hitler Youth Movement and a half Jewish girl in Paris
Format: Paperback - Released: 07/02/2005
Rumours of War by Allan Mallinson
Rumours of War
Allan Mallinson
The sixth in his Matthew Hervey series, he of the Sixth Light Dragoons who now returns to the Peninsula in 1826 where the Spanish threaten and Hervey remembers his first taste of military action when he was a young cornet....
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/02/2005
The Voynich Manuscript by Gerry Kennedy and Rob Churchill
The Voynich Manuscript
Gerry Kennedy and Rob Churchill
The Da Vinci code, The Rule of Four: behind them all are the true ancient mysteries. This is one such, a 16th Century manuscript that still baffles the experts
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/02/2005
The Maze by Panos Karnezis
The Maze
Panos Karnezis
A stark sad, tough and highly competent portrait of a lost Greek army retreating from the Turks in 1922. We loved it
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/02/2005
Poison in Athens by Margaret Doody
Poison in Athens
Margaret Doody
Part of a series of ancient Greek whodunits from circa 3,300 BC. featuring of all people Aristotle!
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/02/2005
All For Love by Dan Jacobson
All For Love
Dan Jacobson
We are very sorry but we have yet to review this book ourselves. However, as it has been selected for the Man Booker 2005 long list, we wanted to give you the opportunity to download an extract and let you...
Format: Hardback - Released: 03/02/2005
Dreaming The Hound by Manda Scott
Dreaming The Hound
Manda Scott
If you liked Boudica:Dreaming the Bull (see our paperback selection) you can now catch up on the 3rd instalment
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/02/2005
A Moth at the Glass by Mogue Doyle
A Moth at the Glass
Mogue Doyle
Lyrical, gentle, sensitive tale of a by gone rural Ireland. It is the start of a cycle of novels which is designed to depict important moments in Irelandâs historic and social change. This one is set in the 1920âs and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2005
Boudica: Dreaming the Bull by Manda Scott
Boudica: Dreaming the Bull
Manda Scott
Second in the promised trilogy of the first Iron Lady. Historical adventures are a fast growing genre and this series is one of the rising stars
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/02/2005
The Master by Colm Toibin
The Master
Colm Toibin
Winner of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2006. Now in paperback this Man Booker shortlisted novel follows five years in the life of Henry James directly after his play ‘Guy Domville” flopped on the London stage. An intelligent and moving...
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/01/2005
The Blooding of Jack Absolute by C. C. Humphreys
The Blooding of Jack Absolute
C. C. Humphreys
The second in the Jack Absolute series this time as a prequel to the 1st book, Jack Absolute. Brilliant Historical swashbuckling with plenty of damsels in various states of distress
Format: Hardback - Released: 20/01/2005
Celestial Harmonies by Peter Esterhazy
Celestial Harmonies
Peter Esterhazy
A much respected biographical novel about a leading Hungarian family; a dynastic literary saga of three centuries of Central European history
Format: Paperback - Released: 17/01/2005
Auriel Rising by Elizabeth Redfern
Auriel Rising
Elizabeth Redfern
A highly praised Jacobean thriller mixing a murderous hunt for an alchemical formula with the power politics of the period
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/01/2005
A Hollow Crown by Helen Hollick
A Hollow Crown
Helen Hollick
Anglo-Saxon skulduggery seen through the life of Emma of Normandy, married at aged 13 to King Aethelred. A fascinating tale from a neglected period
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/01/2005
The Dark Water by David Pirie
The Dark Water
David Pirie
The third in the Dr Bell and Arthur Conan Doyle yarns, under the series title of The Murder Rooms
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/01/2005
Ursula Under by Ingrid Hill
Ursula Under
Ingrid Hill
An entertaining and lively, century-hopping first novel from an American author whose other notable achievement is to be the mother of 12 children
Format: Trade Paperback - Released: 06/01/2005
The Queen of Subtleties by Suzannah Dunn
The Queen of Subtleties
Suzannah Dunn
This review is provided by is a re-telling of a familiar and historic fairytale - how a beautiful young queen falls from enchantress to public enemy. As she attracts increasingly bad press, both King and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/01/2005
The Frozen Lake by Elizabeth Edmondson
The Frozen Lake
Elizabeth Edmondson
A charming novel about a frozen family Christmas in Westmoreland in the late 1930s brings up some long hidden secrets
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/01/2005
Emperor: The Field of Swords by Conn Iggulden
Emperor: The Field of Swords
Conn Iggulden
The third volume in the acclaimed Emperor series, in which the author brilliantly interweaves history and adventure to recreate the life of Julius Caesar - ambition and rivalry, bravery and betrayal - itâs all there, from an outstanding new voice...
Format: Hardback - Released: 03/01/2005
Empress Orchid by Anchee Min
Empress Orchid
Anchee Min
Reviewed on Richard and Judy on 15 March 2006. Anchee Min draws a vivid portrait of a flawed yet compelling woman and, through her life, the world of the Chinese court and the sexual and political lives of the royal...
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/01/2005
Hester's Story by Adele Geras
Hester's Story
Adele Geras
Follow-up to Facing the Light – how a bleak Yorkshire childhood was transformed into a career as a prima ballerina.
Format: Hardback - Released: 31/12/2004
A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey
A Loving Scoundrel
Johanna Lindsey
A Regency romance from the present queen of the genre.
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/12/2004
1610: A sundial in the grave by Mary Gentle
1610: A sundial in the grave
Mary Gentle
You can view this as a fantasy novel – but it is also an alternative history of epic proportions. Set in the time of James I it involves assassins, demons and incorrigible women.
Format: Paperback - Released: 25/11/2004
Jack Absolute by C. C. Humphreys
Jack Absolute
C. C. Humphreys
The first in a new character series from the author of the wonderful The French Executioner. It is 1777, and Jack Absolute is off to crush the American Revolution. There are natural comparisons with the Sharpe novels but Humphreys is...
Format: Paperback - Released: 18/11/2004
Fanny: A Fiction by Edmund White
Fanny: A Fiction
Edmund White
A fictional biography of Fanny Wright written by Anthony Trollope’s mother, another Fanny, so combining the lives of the two women. A complete departure for White, this 19th-century romp around America, Haiti and Europe, with an amazing array of colourful...
Format: Paperback - Released: 04/11/2004
The Child of the Ancient People by Anouar Benmalek
The Child of the Ancient People
Anouar Benmalek
A powerful historical novel of three very different people thrown together on a voyage in 1872, from Europe to Australia. Brutal, sensual and moving, if you liked Star of the Seayou should read this.
Format: Paperback - Released: 04/11/2004
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