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The Importance of Being a Bachelor

The Importance of Being a Bachelor

Author: Mike Gayle Format: Paperback Release Date: 17/02/2011

Despite the example of their own parents' enduring marriage, the three Bachelor brothers show no signs of settling down. Adam has a string of glamorous girlfriends, but they aren't suitable wife material. Luke has just proposed to Cassie but his refusal to consider having children looks like an insurmountable barrier. And baby of the family Russell is in love with the one woman he can't have. Then their father announces he has been thrown out of the family home and this proves a dramatic catalyst for lots of soul-searching. Are all three Bachelor brothers totally hopeless cases or just late starters?

If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill

Author: Beverly Barton Format: Paperback Release Date: 17/02/2011

A face to die for! MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE DEADLIEST OF THEM ALL? The victims are found face-down in the murky waters of Cherokee Pointe, Tennessee. The murders all share the same characteristics: the victims are found naked except for a black, satin ribbon tied around they're necks -- and they're all redheads. Meanwhile, Reve Sorrell has come to Cherokee Pointe seeking answers about her connection to bad girl Jazzy Talbot. With their stunning looks, the two redheads are mirror images of each other -- but raised in very different worlds. As the serial killer leaves another chilling calling card, Reve turns to Sheriff Jacob Butler to help her unravel the deadly secrets of her past. But one person will do anything to stop her -- and they are closer than she could ever imagine!

Jail Bait

Jail Bait

Author: June Hampson Format: Paperback Release Date: 17/02/2011

Daisy Lane has finally found some measure of happiness - her nightclub is bringing in money, helped by her connections to notorious gangster Roy Kemp, and her children seem to be thriving. But Daisy's fortunes take a spectacular fall when Roy decides to move his criminal empire to London. Roy's frequent presence in Daisy's club gave the place an air of glamour - and danger. Without him, the punters have disappeared and so too has the cash, leaving Daisy back where she started - struggling to make ends meet and keep her family together. Daisy takes comfort in the fact that her son, Eddie, is growing up to be as courageous and spirited as his late father was. But Eddie's younger brother, Jamie, could not be more different: deeply disturbed, sadistic and capable of the most brutal violence. But Daisy, fighting to save her business, is blind to what her son is becoming. It falls to Eddie to stand up to his brother and prevent his behaviour from spiralling fatally out of control. Meanwhile, there's a killer at work in Gosport who preys on lonely women, taking all they have and then leaving them for dead. Daisy takes it upon herself to have him apprehended - with devastating consequences.

No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love

Author: Anita Notaro Format: Paperback Release Date: 17/02/2011

Lulu just needs more time – time to relax, time to have fun with her friends and, most importantly, time to find the perfect man who’s eluded her for far too long. So she packs in her job as a therapist, ditches the swanky apartment, waves goodbye to her soft-top car and embraces a simpler life. But then a terrible tragedy strikes and Lulu realizes that it isn’t that easy to escape the past after all. Can she deal with her unfinished business and make the perfect life she longs for?

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