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IVF : An Emotional Companion by Brigid Moss
IVF : An Emotional Companion
Brigid Moss
IVF: An Emotional Companion is an invaluable, personal support, based on women's first hand experiences, for anyone struggling to conceive.
The Instructions by Adam Levin
The Instructions
Adam Levin
September 2011 Debut of the Month. This 1,030 page debut has got the Literary critics in the United States falling over themselves to praise it and it has already won the
The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean by David Almond
The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean
David Almond
Award-winning David Almond breaks new boundaries in his storytelling of this remarkable tale. Billy Dean is an innocent child surrounded by decay and threatened with an undefined violence. In his unique voice, he tells his own story of survival and...
The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean by David Almond
The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean
David Almond
David Almond's extraordinary first novel for adults is the story of a child, born of sin, who emerges into a post-industrial, almost apocalyptic world where the force of his innocence is tested to the extreme.
Kehua! A Ghost Story by Fay Weldon
Kehua! A Ghost Story
Fay Weldon
Rediscover the joy of Fay: A tale of murder, sex, redemption, remorse and ghosts from the 'mistress of warped suburbia'.
Britannia The Making of a Nation: From the Domesday Book to Sgt. Pepper by Graham Stewart
Britannia The Making of a Nation: From the Domesday Book to Sgt. Pepper
Graham Stewart
Sue Baker's view... Graham Stewart takes us from the Lindisfarne Gospel to the Life in the United Kingdom Question Paper of 2005, a range of historical documents that as Stewart asks how many have seen them or even know what...
Ragnarok : The End of the Gods by A. S. Byatt
Ragnarok : The End of the Gods
A. S. Byatt
September 2011 Book of the Month. From the author of Possession and The Children's Book comes an extraordinary tale, inspired by the myth of Ragnarok. Intensely autobiographical and linguistically stunning,...
Star Struck by Jane Lovering
Star Struck
Jane Lovering
Another bitter-sweet romance from Choc Lit author Jane Lovering. Can two emotionally damaged people help each other and cancel out the hurt or will they simply tear themselves apart? Click here to view Please Don't Stop the...
Empire of Silver by Conn Iggulden
Empire of Silver
Conn Iggulden
Conn Iggulden knows his history and knows how to tell a great story. This is the fourth in the Conqueror series and sees the sons of Genghis Khan fighting to see who will take their father's place. The pace and...
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Franzen
The long awaited new novel from Jonathan Franzen is a masterpiece, being heralded as the return of the Great American Novel and so it should be. The story revolves around the close relationships of a family living in modern day...
Aleph by Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho
From the renowned author of The Alchemist, Aleph marks a return to Paulo Coelho's beginnings. In a frank and surprising personal story, one of the world's most beloved authors embarks on a remarkable and transformative journey of self- discovery.
From Season to Season : A Year in Recipes by Sophie Dahl
From Season to Season : A Year in Recipes
Sophie Dahl
For anyone who likes to read their cookery books as well as use them, this is a good choice – and as an added bonus, the photography is delectable. A lovely nostalgic look at food, Sophie Dahl presents a through...
Trust No One by Alex Walters
Trust No One
Alex Walters
A timely and topical thriller which looks at the seedy back dealings of criminals and the police. An addictive read for fans of P.J.Tracy and Peter Robinson.
Mary Berry's Family Sunday Lunches by Mary Berry
Mary Berry's Family Sunday Lunches
Mary Berry
September 2011 Non-Fiction Book of the Month. A good mix of the traditional and the new, any aspiring cook wishing to present the “full roast dinner” will find plenty of guidance but...
The Cypress House by Michael Koryta
The Cypress House
Michael Koryta
'Few novelists warrant mention alongside Stephen King or Peter Straub. Michael Koryta, however, earns comparison to both.' - Dennis Lehane. The Cypress House will grab you gently yet glue you to its pages as you swing effortlessly through the story...
Saints of New York by R. J. Ellory
Saints of New York
R. J. Ellory
One of our Great Reads you may have missed in 2011. A disturbing, double-edged story of a man fighting his own demons and those he is investigating, all tied round an increasing quantity of dead girls. It’s a gripping read,...
An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin
An Object of Beauty
Steve Martin
September 2011 Book of the Month. The 10cc song lyric ‘art for art's sake money for god's sake’ sums up the calculating and ambitious Lacey Yeager in this witty tour around New...
The Best Little Book Club in Town by
The Best Little Book Club in Town

A terrific collection of short stories from bestselling authors including Kate Mosse, Katie Fforde, Lee Child, Sophie Kinsella and Jodi Picoult. Here are stories of love, passion, mystery and hope - and the discovery that some of the more surprising...
Gamble by Felix Francis
Felix Francis
As one of the youngest ever winners of the Grand National, Nick 'Foxy' Foxton's career as a world class jockey is on perfect track until a near fatal accident cuts his dream brutally short. But when he returns to Aintree...
Step-by-Step Baking by
Step-by-Step Baking

Sue Baker's view... A real baking bible, 350 recipes taking in some of the baking classics from around the world. 80 of the recipes are highlighted with complete step-by-step instructions, easy enough for baking novices to follow. There’s advice...
The Elizabethans by A. N. Wilson
The Elizabethans
A. N. Wilson
Having illuminated the time of The Victorians, A N Wilson moves back further in time to another great Queen in The Elizabethans. And as soon as you start reading, you are aware of a very different perspective on the period,...
Faulks on Fiction by Sebastian Faulks
Faulks on Fiction
Sebastian Faulks
One of our Great Reads you may have missed in 2011. After reading this collection of essays I enjoyed seeing the BBC2 series with Sebastian Faulks describing some of the most memorable heroes and villains from the English Novel....
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories by James Finn Garner
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
James Finn Garner
At last, here is bedtime reading free from prejudice and discrimination to witches, giants, dwarves, goblins and fairies everywhere. You can remedy this cultural defect by reading Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and discovering what really happened when Jack climbed the...
Kill All Enemies by Melvin Burgess
Kill All Enemies
Melvin Burgess
A brilliant, intense and important book for everyone who cares about the real lives of many young people. The award winning author of Junk, Melvin Burgess, is at his very best in this hard hitting and deeply touching story...
No Use Crying by Zannah Kearns
No Use Crying
Zannah Kearns
This warm and powerful coming-of-age story is a sparkling debut from a brilliant fresh talent, filled with colourful characters that will stay with you long after the book is finished.
The Blackhouse by Peter May
The Blackhouse
Peter May
This is a crime novel of rare power and vision. When a brutal murder on the Isle of Lewis bears the hallmarks of a similar slaying in Edinburgh, police detective Fin Macleod is dispatched north to investigate. But since he...
Killed at the Whim of a Hat by Colin Cotterill
Killed at the Whim of a Hat
Colin Cotterill
Set in Thailand, a new series featuring a crime reporter and the most eccentric family you'll ever meet from the author of the brilliant, if a little quirky, Dr Siri novels.
Mary Ann in Autumn by Armistead Maupin
Mary Ann in Autumn
Armistead Maupin
September 2011 Book of the Month. Over three decades in the making, Armistead Maupin's legendary Tales of the City series rolls into a new age, still sassy, irreverent...
CRYPT : The Gallows Curse by Andrew Hammond
CRYPT : The Gallows Curse
Andrew Hammond
September 2011 Book of the Month. Adrenaline packed (and quite gory) new series for teenage readers who loved Cherub and Young Bond. Ghosts and Ghouls are real and dangerous and...
Department 19 by Will Hill
Department 19
Will Hill
One of our New Gen Debuts of the Year 2011. This is a well crafted debut paranormal novel for teens but it's much more than that for it features a cleverly laid plot that revolves around a government secret agency...
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