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Private Games by James Patterson
Private Games
James Patterson
July 2012: The Games have arrived in London and the stage is set for one of the greatest ever showcases of sporting excellence. When Sir Denton Marshall, a key member of the London Olympic organising committee, is found brutally murdered,...
The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen
The Silent Girl
Tess Gerritsen
When a hand is found in an alley in Boston's Chinatown, it is detective Jane Rizzoli who finds its owner - a woman whose throat has been slashed so deeply that her head is nearly severed. Two strands of silver...
The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age A Novel by Robert Rankin
The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age A Novel
Robert Rankin
Another wild and wacky adventure from the Master of Far Fetched Fiction!
One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf
One Breath Away
Heather Gudenkauf
July 2012 Book of the Month. A shocking, highly emotionally charged book told with loads of pace and using multiple narratives. A gunman enters a small rural American primary school and holds...
Fox Evil by Minette Walters
Fox Evil
Minette Walters
Minette Walter's attention to human psychology is what makes her such a fascinating and enjoyable author. Each book is very different to the last, but all of them will have you gripped until the end. Fox Evil explores the secrets...
River of Destiny by Barbara Erskine
River of Destiny
Barbara Erskine
July 2012 Book of the Month. History and the supernatural combine in this epic and atmospheric read from the bestselling author of Time's Legacy and Lady of Hay, ...
Bereft by Chris Womersley
Chris Womersley
Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger 2012. CWA Judges' comment: “The setting is refreshingly original; after WWII a soldier returns to rural Australia to face the consequences of a crime he did not commit. With a powerful sense of time...
The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers
The Testament of Jessie Lamb
Jane Rogers
Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award 2012. Jane Rogers creates an extraordinary character in Jessie Lamb, determined to make her life count in a self-destructing world as the certainties of her life are destroyed.
The Story of English in One Hundred Words by David Crystal
The Story of English in One Hundred Words
David Crystal
Offers an eye-opening tour of the English language through the ages from Britain's leading linguistics expert. In this history of the world's ubiquitous language, this title draws on words that illustrate the huge variety of sources, influences and events that...
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Anna Dressed in Blood
Kendare Blake
A best-selling young adult novel from the US, this is a story that will spook the faint hearted! Cas looks and behaves like an average teenager but he has a very unusual mission to complete. Cas kills the dead who...
Black by Design: A 2-tone Memoir by Pauline Black
Black by Design: A 2-tone Memoir
Pauline Black
Featured on The Book Show on Sky Arts on 15 March 2012. Weaving her rise to fame and recollections of the 2-tone phenomenon with her moving search for her birth parents, Black By Design is a funny and enlightening...
The Absolutist by John Boyne
The Absolutist
John Boyne
One of our Great Reads You May Have Missed in 2012. From the hugely successful author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas comes The Absolutist, a novel that examines the events of the Great War from the perspective...
No Deals, Mr. Bond by John Gardner
No Deals, Mr. Bond
John Gardner
Double-cross and danger abound in the 6th Bond adventure penned by John Gardner - a writer described by Len Deighton as a 'master storyteller'.
In the Sea There are Crocodiles by Fabio Geda
In the Sea There are Crocodiles
Fabio Geda
An incredible story and a true one, this is an exceptional novel which gives an inside view of one boy’s struggle for survival and a better life. Having fled their village home in Afghanistan, ten year old Enaiatollah and his...
Ghastly Business by Louise Levene
Ghastly Business
Louise Levene
Sarah Broadhurst's View... For the first half of this book the story is irrelevant, the enjoyment is in the telling. The language, lightness of tone and wonderful imagery are masterful. This is 1928 and a ghastly murder headlines the...
The Out of Office Girl by Nicola Doherty
The Out of Office Girl
Nicola Doherty
From London to Italy with love...Alice Roberts is having a rubbish summer. She's terrified of her boss, her career is stalling, and she's just been dumped - by text message. But things are about to change...
The Truth by Michael Palin
The Truth
Michael Palin
July 2012 Book of the Month. ‘An ordinary man on an extraordinary adventure’ - The Truth is a wonderful, heart-warming novel exploring the issues of media manipulation, private lives and public persona,...
The Cut by George Pelecanos
The Cut
George Pelecanos
The first of a new realistic and gritty crime story, based in Washington, D.C (where else for a Pelecanos novel) featuring ex-Iraq soldier Spero Lucas. A complex character who doesn't seem to mind which side of the law he works...
After Such Kindness by Gaynor Arnold
After Such Kindness
Gaynor Arnold
July 2012 Book of the Month. Inspired by the fascinating yet troubling friendship between Lewis Carroll and his muse Alice Liddell. A diary discovered by a Victorian wife forces her to remember...
Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel
Happy Birthday
Danielle Steel
In this beguiling novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom reaches a crucial turning point on the same day—a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a...
Defender of Rome by Douglas Jackson
Defender of Rome
Douglas Jackson
Following on from Hero of Rome we find Valerius back at the Imperial court. Mentally and physically damaged from his campaigns against Boudicca in ancient Britain and on the wrong side of an increasingly mad Emperor Nero he has...
Bond Girl by Erin Duffy
Bond Girl
Erin Duffy
Fun and surprisingly informative debut from an ex-Wall Street bond dealer. Alex (Alexandra) has always wanted to work in Wall Street and lands a job as an analyst (basically an indentured servant) for one of the top firms. To say...
On the Origin of Tepees Why Some Ideas Spread While Others Go Extinct by Jonnie Hughes
On the Origin of Tepees Why Some Ideas Spread While Others Go Extinct
Jonnie Hughes
Does Cultural Evolution echo Biological Evolution? Jonnie Evans is an enthusiast for this theory and to test his ideas sets out for the American Great Plains to study the evolution of Tepees and much more besides. He is a persuasive...
America Pacifica by Anna North
America Pacifica
Anna North
Sarah Broadhurst's View... Overcrowded, dilapidated and corrupt, America Pacifica's population believes their island home to be the last place on earth habitable by humans. As in all post-Apocalyptic novels the outlook is bleak. What sets this one apart is...
Gridlock by Sean Black
Sean Black
Adult movie actress, Raven Lane, is one of the most lusted after women in America, with millions of fans to prove it. But when a headless corpse turns up in the trunk of her car, she realizes that fame carries...
The Long Weekend by Veronica Henry
The Long Weekend
Veronica Henry
The lives, loves and illicit liaisons of the owners and guests in a boutique hotel in Brighton are all revealed in the hilarious 10th novel from Veronica Henry. The author says reading The Long Weekend will be just like having...
The Silent Touch of Shadows by Christina Courtenay
The Silent Touch of Shadows
Christina Courtenay
Winner of the Best Historical Read Award from the Festival of Romance 2012. An intriguingly romantic and supernatural time slip mystery from Award winning historical novelist Christina Courtenay. Could the vivid life like dreams that Melissa Grantham and fellow villager...
There But for the by Ali Smith
There But for the
Ali Smith
Ali Smith, twice shortlisted for both the Man Booker and the Orange Prizes, is back with the sparkling There but for the...
Untold Story by Monica Ali
Untold Story
Monica Ali
Reinvention, romance, adventure and the dark fairytale that was the life of one of the most famous women in the world...
Heavenly's Child by Brenda Reid
Heavenly's Child
Brenda Reid
July 2012 Book of the Month. A beautifully atmospheric and absorbing read. Following the success of her debut The House of Dust and Dreams, her second book is once again set...
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