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The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane
The Night Guest
Fiona McFarlane
Ruth is a widow in her seventies living alone in a house near a beach in Australia. She’s coping okay but her family are beginning to worry about her. Early one morning she becomes convinced a tiger is prowling round...
No Cake, No Jam Hardship and Happiness in Wartime London by Marian Hughes
No Cake, No Jam Hardship and Happiness in Wartime London
Marian Hughes
The author was born in the same year as her father committed suicide. She spent most of her early childhood with her elder sisters and brother in Spurgeon's Orphanage in South London. This book tells the story of a little...
Practising Happiness How Mindfulness Can Free You From Psychological Traps and Help You Build the Life You Want by Ruth A. Baer
Practising Happiness How Mindfulness Can Free You From Psychological Traps and Help You Build the Life You Want
Ruth A. Baer
A new way of assessing your life and experience, using methods gained from Eastern meditation and Buddhism that focus on meditation and concentration on the moment, the small things of life. Ruth A Baer has researched this new way of...
PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
PS, I Love You
Cecelia Ahern
A beautiful special edition for Valentine’s Day – the classic million-copy bestselling love story from Cecelia Ahern. This was her first novel published back in 2008. It showed enormous promise and maturity and if you have not read it, you...
The Real Jane Austen A Life in Small Things by Paula Byrne
The Real Jane Austen A Life in Small Things
Paula Byrne
I have so enjoyed reading this look at Jane Austen’s life that if I can convince just one reader to pick it up then I shall feel my job is done! Paula Byrne has selected a number of objects, some...
Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews
Red Sparrow
Jason Matthews
Modern Russia under Putin. Our hero, Nate, is a young CIA agent and the contact for a senior Russian army officer who has, for many years, been giving secrets to the US. The Russians know there is a traitor but...
Reviver by Seth Patrick
Seth Patrick
Macabre and compelling, this brilliant first novel takes time to establish the intriguing premise that some people can pull the ‘soul’ of a recently dead person back into the body for a limited time. They do not come back to...
Season to Taste by Natalie Young
Season to Taste
Natalie Young
Married for thirty years under the depressed shadow of Jacob, Lizzie Prain has suddenly had enough but disposing of her husband is a greater problem than Lizzie had envisaged. It’s fun to ponder the hideously comic ways Lizzie does so,...
A Song for the Dying by Stuart MacBride
A Song for the Dying
Stuart MacBride
January 2014 eBook of the Month. Famous for his DI Logan McRae series, this new violent tale stars DI Ash Henderson who is in prison for murdering his brother. Now his peers...
The Spoils of Conquest by Seth Hunter
The Spoils of Conquest
Seth Hunter
The story starts with the Battle of the Nile and then races through many an adventure and skirmish in the company of Nathan Peake. It is the sixth in the series and a must for his fans. He is very...
Tell Me Who I am: Sometimes it's Safer Not to Know by Marcus Lewis, Alex Lewis
Tell Me Who I am: Sometimes it's Safer Not to Know
Marcus Lewis, Alex Lewis
Alex and Marcus Lewis are twins and their stark story is given a terrible twist by a motorcycle accident when, aged 18, Alex lost all his memory, barring the knowledge of his brother. Marcus couldn’t bring himself to tell Alex...
The Beating of his Wings by Paul Hoffman
The Beating of his Wings
Paul Hoffman
The conclusion to his Left Hand of God trilogy which finishes a bit abruptly but leaves you with a synopsis at the end to tie-up loose bits and answer questions. It hasn’t got quite the pace of the first two...
The Disappeared by Kristina Ohlsson
The Disappeared
Kristina Ohlsson
Classic, dark, Scandinavian, police procedural stuff. Three investigators spark off each other here in this popular Swedish author’s third and most ambitious novel. It’s twisted, full of flawed characters you can believe in and a pretty nasty crime. Well worth...
The Silversmith's Wife by Sophia Tobin
The Silversmith's Wife
Sophia Tobin
Dastardly deeds and bloody murder in the streets of London in 1792. The story covers no more than a few months but intercepted with it is the journal of the murdered silversmith – a cruel and nasty man, not short...
Three Brave Women by Elizabeth Waite
Three Brave Women
Elizabeth Waite
A nicely written tale of tragedy, love and friendship that held the Underwood families together. The three brave women were the sisters-in-law, Jodie, Delia and Lariane, and the book brings out the loyalty and love they have for each other....
The Trader's Gift by Anna Jacobs
The Trader's Gift
Anna Jacobs
The fourth in a series of sagas that take us through Europe, the Orient and Australia with characters all linked to an Irish immigrant who makes good. In this volume we follow the plight of a mail order bride. Full...
Unfaithfully Yours by Nigel Williams
Unfaithfully Yours
Nigel Williams
A novel in letters starting with Elizabeth Price to a private detective worried about her eminent barrister husband having an affair, from said barrister to a retired BBC producer, and then on to others. This is the most enormous fun. ...
Valhalla Prophecy by Andy Mcdermott
Valhalla Prophecy
Andy Mcdermott
Ancient stones from Viking times are the prize in this adventure. Two that give detailed directions but each is incomprehensible without the other. You know the sort of thing: lots of action, drama and emotional overtones, close shaves and extraordinary...
Wake by Anna Hope
Anna Hope
A story set just after the First World War and revolving around half a dozen people, the choosing of the body that became ‘the unknown soldier’, its journey to London and the memorial service for its burial. There are no...
The Red Line The Gripping Story of the RAF's Bloodiest Raid on Hitler's Germany by John Nichol
The Red Line The Gripping Story of the RAF's Bloodiest Raid on Hitler's Germany
John Nichol
An account of RAF Bomber Command’s 1944 Nuremberg Raid, the figures are stark, more men lost their lives in a single night that the total casualty list for the Battle of Britain. The bravery and skill of these men of...
Keith Lemon: The Rules 69 Ways to be Successful by Keith Lemon
Keith Lemon: The Rules 69 Ways to be Successful
Keith Lemon
Being such a mega success with women, Keith Lemon is sure that other men out there are desperate to know how he does it. And while men are reading up on the tips and tricks, women can take a sneak...
A Cry in the Night by Tom Grieves
A Cry in the Night
Tom Grieves
Two missing children. A community closing ranks. A sinister case for Detectives Barnes and Taylor.
The Missing One by Lucy Atkins
The Missing One
Lucy Atkins
After her mother dies, Kal and her toddler set out to find out more about the mysterious sender of the postcards she found in her mother's belongings. But she quickly regrets her decision...
Labor Day by Joyce Maynard
Labor Day
Joyce Maynard
Acclaimed author Joyce Maynard weaves a beautiful, poignant tale of love, sex, adolescence, and devastating treachery as seen through the eyes of a young teenage boy—and the man he later becomes—looking back at an unexpected encounter that begins one single...
Behind Closed Doors Jessica Daniel Book 7 by Kerry Wilkinson
Behind Closed Doors Jessica Daniel Book 7
Kerry Wilkinson
No one knows what goes on ...
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick
Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
Matthew Quick
Young Leonard, on becoming eighteen, realises he has nothing to live for and so plans his exit. This is a book about depression written in the first person. I believe it really does give you a deep understanding of a...
Keane's Company by Iain Gale
Keane's Company
Iain Gale
A duel leaves Lieutenant James Keane wounded and his opponent dead. Strangely that leads to Keane’s promotion to captain of a very motley, highly skilled at fighting and killing, crew of scoundrels. It leaves him with an enemy too, Captain...
Fanny and Stella The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England by Neil McKenna
Fanny and Stella The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England
Neil McKenna
A few of the secrets of the Victorian age are revealed in Neil McKenna’s history of two men, Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton who liked to cross-dress as Fanny and Stella. This was no secret and it was inevitable that...
Children of the Revolution A DCI Banks Mystery by Peter Robinson
Children of the Revolution A DCI Banks Mystery
Peter Robinson
Longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year 2014. A DCI Banks mystery, can you believe it is the 21st! A college lecturer with a shady past is the centre of Banks and his team’s latest case....
The Perfect Murder by Peter James
The Perfect Murder
Peter James
How do you commit the perfect murder ... ? Previously published as part of the Quick Reads scheme, this is a novella by bestselling author of the Roy Grace series, Peter James.
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