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Ian Rankin - Rebus 30 Ian Rankin - Rebus 30

Celebrating 30 years of Ian Rankin's Rebus mysteries - gritty detective stories set on the dirty streets of Edinburgh with a delightfully anti-social hero.

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Rather be the Devil by Ian Rankin
Rather be the Devil
Ian Rankin
A truly fabulous blast of crime fiction. John Rebus continues to ignore retirement, and an unsolved case haunts his thoughts as he shoulders his way into the middle of a current investigation. Ok, hands up, I confess… this is my...
Format: Paperback - Released: 15/06/2017
Rebus Anniversary Box Set by Ian Rankin
Rebus Anniversary Box Set
Ian Rankin
A must for collectors, a beautifully designed collector's hardback set of Knots & Crosses, Black and Blue and Exit Music with exclusive extra material only available in this box set.
Format: Multiple copy pack - Released: 22/06/2017
Even Dogs in the Wild by Ian Rankin
Even Dogs in the Wild
Ian Rankin
If you were a concerned fan dubious how Rebus was going to fare in retirement, fear not for although in Standing in Another Man’s Grave, he and the familiar surrounding characters had to get their heads round their new...
Format: Paperback - Released: 16/06/2016
Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin
Saints of the Shadow Bible
Ian Rankin
Rebus is back on the force after his time in cold case investigations but he has been demoted to Detective Sergeant. He has also mellowed, lost his spark so do not look for the old Rebus, just enjoy Rankin’s involved,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 11/09/2014
Standing in Another Man's Grave by Ian Rankin
Standing in Another Man's Grave
Ian Rankin
Recently retired, Rebus is working in a small unit which looks into old, unsolved cases. Still famed for his unconventional methods and still heavily smoking and drinking, he remains in contact with old comrades and villains alike. Fans will know...
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/06/2013
Exit Music by Ian Rankin
Exit Music
Ian Rankin
All the way through this book the overwhelming feeling is the pathos of Rebus’ lonely life and with only ten days to retirement, what will he do, for this is farewell to Rebus. It is also another brilliant, atmospheric tale...
Format: Paperback - Released: 19/04/2008
The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin
The Naming of the Dead
Ian Rankin
Winner of Crime Thriller of the Year at the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007.A very different Rebus. The darkness and aggressive atmosphere of previous books is much lighter and Rebus himself is a softer, much more sympathetic person –...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin
Fleshmarket Close
Ian Rankin
Winner of Crime Thriller of the Year at the British Book Awards 2005. Very much the thinking man’s mystery, this novel is dominated by racial issues, the thugs and the refugees just outside Edinburgh. It is peppered with a variety...
Format: Paperback - Released: 07/08/2008
A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin
A Question of Blood
Ian Rankin
Our curmudgeon, with bandaged hands and his bad attitude against authority, particularly his superiors, makes him a prime suspect for a particular case of arson and surprisingly his past comes back to haunt him when there is a shooting in...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Resurrection Men by Ian Rankin
Resurrection Men
Ian Rankin
Don’t start your Rebus experience here for this is too full of his despair and failings for you to fully appreciate the man. You need to know him better to get the most out of this. If you do know...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
The Falls by Ian Rankin
The Falls
Ian Rankin
Internet role playing lies at the heart of this stunning novel, one of his best. The Rosslyn Chapel makes a brief appearance, the falls being close by, and Rankin’s consummate plotting is used to its full. This is wonderful stuff,...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 22/09/2005
Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin
Set in Darkness
Ian Rankin
Revolving around the new Parliament building and early dark secrets, this has seemingly unconnected cases building to a wonderful, convoluted tale of corruption and greed.
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Dead Souls by Ian Rankin
Dead Souls
Ian Rankin
A paedophile taking pictures of children at Edinburgh’s Zoo speaks of trouble to Rebus, but it seems others think not. Dilemma. Rankin is so good at throwing up social issues, nutty problems and tricky situations. This is littered with them,...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
The Hanging Garden by Ian Rankin
The Hanging Garden
Ian Rankin
Full of plot, incidents, twists and turns. At its core is gang warfare, a Nazi war criminal and Rebus struggling with his demon drink and the memory of his daughter. Edinburgh, of course, is at the centre of it all. ...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Black & Blue by Ian Rankin
Black & Blue
Ian Rankin
Rebus has everything against him, an internal investigation, a possible miscarriage of justice and a pretty tough Glasgow gangster. Enough to try the patience of any cop, but when it’s the curmudgeon Rebus he really has to tread a fine...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Let it Bleed by Ian Rankin
Let it Bleed
Ian Rankin
Undeterred by pressure from above to drop a sensitive case, Rebus unearths dirty dealings and conspiracy within many official departments. Along the way we find a tender side to our spiky cop in a novel that eventually brings him a...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin
Mortal Causes
Ian Rankin
Rebus continues to grow as a character as we spend more time with him. Here his ex-SAS experience is called on in a case that starts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and swings from the country to Belfast and back. ...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
The Black Book by Ian Rankin
The Black Book
Ian Rankin
The Black Book of the title belongs to a brutally attacked colleague and contains baffling coded secrets which Rebus must obviously solve. In a convoluted plot of Edinburgh’s low life we meet arch villain “Big Ger” for the first time...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Strip Jack by Ian Rankin
Strip Jack
Ian Rankin
Gregor Jack MP is discovered in a brothel during a police raid and the tabloids have a field day. It seems he was framed … then his wife is murdered. This takes Rebus away from his gritty Edinburgh into Fife...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Tooth & Nail by Ian Rankin
Tooth & Nail
Ian Rankin
Rankin, himself now in London, brings Rebus down “to suffer” but basically because he is supposedly an ‘expert’ in catching serial killers. This particular one leaves teeth marks on his victims and hence is nicknamed ‘Wolfman’ which was the original...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Hide & Seek by Ian Rankin
Hide & Seek
Ian Rankin
The hunt for the killer of a junkie whose body is found in a deserted building in a very rough housing estate is the backdrop to the second Rebus mystery. He is now an Inspector and courted by Edinburgh’s elite. ...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Knots & Crosses by Ian Rankin
Knots & Crosses
Ian Rankin
Rankin is one of the masters of crime fiction and Knots and Crosses is where it all began. Here, we are introduced to John Rebus, SAS paratrooper turned Detective Sergeant. When young girls start disappearing around Edinburgh he is called in...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 07/08/2008
Rebus's Scotland by Ian Rankin
Rebus's Scotland
Ian Rankin
A highly atmospheric guide to the locations used for his crime novels and as such also an intriguing glimpse into the author’s life and mind. I found it fascinating. ~ Sarah Broadhurst
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/06/2006
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30 Years of Rebus...

 Ian Rankin has a throng of dedicated followers the world over for his eponymous Rebus mysteries. The latest case, Rather Be the Devil, is out now: a tale of twisted power, deep-rooted corruption and bitter rivalries. If you haven’t discovered this stand-out crime writing yet, we envy you. You can find all of the darkly addictive Rebus cases here. Enjoy.

New to Rankin? See the Reader Reviews on Black & Blue and The Naming of the Dead and get an idea of what you can expect!


On 19 March 1987, Ian Rankin wrote in his diary: Knots & Crosses is published, to not much acclaim and not many reviews.’

30 years on it's a different story:

'Superbly told, impossible to put precisely underlines the treasure that Rebus has become.' Daily Mail

'This elegantly crafted and witty thriller proves this old devil still has all the best tunes.' Sunday Mirror



Ian Rankin was born in the Kingdom of Fife in 1960, Ian Rankin graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1982, and then spent three years writing novels when he was supposed to be working towards a PhD in Scottish Literature.  His first Rebus novel was published in 1987, and the Rebus books are now translated into thirty-six languages and are bestsellers worldwide. Ian Rankin has been elected a Hawthornden Fellow, and is also a past winner of the Chandler-Fulbright Award. He is the recipient of four Crime Writers' Association Dagger Awards including the prestigious Diamond Dagger in 2005. In 2004, Ian won America's celebrated Edgar Award for Resurrection Men. He has also been shortlisted for the Anthony Award in the USA, won Denmark's Palle Rosenkrantz Prize, the French Grand Prix du Roman Noir and the Deutscher Krimipreis. Ian Rankin is also the recipient of honorary degrees from the universities of Abertay, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Hull and the Open University.A contributor to BBC2's Newsnight Review, he also presented his own TV series, Ian Rankin's Evil Thoughts. Rankin is a number one bestseller in the UK and has received the OBE for services to literature, opting to receive the prize in his home city of Edinburgh, where he lives with his partner and two sons.
Author photo © Hamish Brown.

There have been 21 Rebus novels and below is the whole list in order of publication - just click on the title you would like to find out more about:

The Rebus series:

1. Knots and Crosses
2. Hide and Seek
3. Tooth and Nail     
4. Strip Jack
5. The Black Book
6. Mortal Causes
7. Let It Bleed
8. Black and Blue
9. The Hanging Garden
10. Dead Souls
11. Set in Darkness
12. The Falls
13. Resurrection Men
14. A Question of Blood
15. Fleshmarket Close
16. The Naming Of The Dead
17. Exit Music
18. Standing in Another Man's Grave
19. Saints of the Shadow Bible
20. Even Dogs in the Wild
21. Rather Be the Devil

For even more information on Ian Rankin visit his website - click here

Ian Rankin