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The Songaminute Man How Music Brought My Father Home Again by Simon McDermott Read the opening extract of the brand new Simon McDermott book before its publication on 05/04/2018

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INSIGHT GUIDES - TRAVEL MADE EASY. ASK LOCAL EXPERTS. All a traveller needs for every step of their journey - in-depth books for inspiration and preparation, with free eBook and app for easy on-the-move access to up-to-date local information.

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Insight Guides Florida by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Florida
Insight Guides
Hot on history, and packed with cool recommendations courtesy of the Editor’s Choice section (which highlights must-see museums, best beaches, best thrill rides and best outdoor experiences), this is a fabulous 300+ page feast of Florida’s finest sights. There’s in-depth...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/04/2018
Insight Guides Peru by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Peru
Insight Guides
This superbly visual guidebook is a glorious goldmine of inspiration for anyone planning a trip to awe-inspiring Peru, with a wealth of cultural contexts on everything from daily life in the Andes, to shamanism. The excellent Editor’s Choice recommendations will...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/04/2018
Insight Guides Norway by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Norway
Insight Guides
Norway rewards travellers with an enticing mix of tradition and modernity, from spectacular natural wonders to super-cool urban hubs, and this 300+ page guidebook covers all aspects of this dramatic destination. There are excellent insights into history - Ice Age...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/04/2018
Insight Guides US National Parks West by Insight Guides
Insight Guides US National Parks West
Insight Guides
This gloriously presented guidebook takes in a huge geographical range, including California and the Pacific, Hawaii and American Samoa, Death Valley, The Rocky Mountains, and the Southwest gems of the Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon. Across 400+ pages,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/04/2018
Insight Guides Thailands Beaches and Islands by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Thailands Beaches and Islands
Insight Guides
Whether you’re visiting Thailand’s awe-inspiring islands as a honeymooner, family or intrepid backpacker, this gorgeous guidebook will guide you around the region, from your stop-over in Bangkok, to your exploration of ancient temples, and all the way to your chosen...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/02/2018
Insight Guides South Africa by Insight Guides
Insight Guides South Africa
Insight Guides
It’s quite a feat to cover this country in one book, but this vibrant book manages to do just that across almost 400 pages. There are dozens of in-depth articles on culture and politics - Zulus, traditional religion, historical greats,...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/02/2018
Insight Guides Philippines by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Philippines
Insight Guides
At once an invaluable planning tool and a provider of practical travel tips, this gorgeous book (it features full-colour photography throughout) will guide you through what might seem like a daunting range of options. The Top Attractions and Editor’s Choice...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/12/2017
Insight Guides Nepal by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Nepal
Insight Guides
With fascinating features on everything from yaks and the yeti to World Heritage Sites, this 300+ page book offers excellent insight into all Nepal has to offer both intrepid explorers and culture-minded travellers. The in-depth regional coverage is extensive, providing...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/01/2018
Insight Guides Central America by Insight Guides
Insight Guides Central America
Insight Guides
This visually stunning guidebook is perfect for travellers who are planning an adventure around Central America. Covering the entire region (Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama), it provides excellent overviews of the cultural and...
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/12/2017
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Suzanne Beney

The books for review are always great reads, brilliantly written, and introduces me to a huge variety of, established and new, authors.

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Lovereading are lovely people who send me lovely books. What's not to love?

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I love Lovereading for the wonderful like for like author recommendations and for highlighting new books, it's a great resource for readers!


I read new, exciting writers and established authors before publication and there is a great website full of brilliant books and opinions.


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All a traveller needs for every step of their journey.

Insight Guides is a pioneer of full-colour guide books written by local experts, and we continue to innovative with our unique three-product packages to countries and regions. With in-depth features on culture and history, and stunning colour photography, the books are perfect for travellers planning uniquely immersive experiences. The eBooks contain the same content as the print version, while the premium destination app provides practical time-sensitive information when you’re out and about, including regularly updated listings for the likes of hotels and restaurants. All of which means that these stunning guidebooks are ideal for armchair planning and easy on-the-road access, providing everything a traveller needs for every step of their journey.


Some testimonials from those who use the Insight Guides. To view their full review click on any Insight Guide:

A fully inclusive guide you can really immerse yourself in... they are jam-packed full of useful tips, snapshots of information, and go into lots of practical detail, so they also make a great guide to take with you too.   Simon, Nottingham

Absolutely stunning, these guides are incredible... Not exactly pocket size but you do also receive an incredibly handy eBook and app with the guide making travelling light a real breeze. Heidi, Sussex

A great guide. Even if you are not going to visit, it is still an enjoyable read. Rachael, Glasgow

The Insight Guide series are a lovely series of books which would make planning a trip so much easier. Glenda, Powys

A guide designed for the premium rather than budget traveller, but for quality and content, it hits the spot.  Ann, Suffolk

This has to be one of the best travel guide series’ I have seen, Not only is it full of beautiful photography it also has clear maps, which pinpoints some of the best places to visit. Even if like me, you don't travel, it is a wonderful read for the armchair traveller, something just to dip into and dream. Angie, Lancashire

I find this guide very user friendly and a glossy product. Whilst I think in itself it would be quite large to take with you, I think the combination of the ebook/App makes it traveller friendly.   Julie, Co. Donegal

The Insight Guides are beautiful books packed with amazing glossy photos. As soon as I opened one I found myself wanting to visit lots of the places. Overall a great series with useful information and amazing photos to entice you into visiting.  I can’t help thinking these guides would make a great present for anyone about to make a trip.  Rachel, London


Insight Guides has been inspiring travellers with high quality travel content for over 45 years.To view a list of all the Insight Guides currently available or being published in 2018 click here.

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