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Game of Thrones George R R Martin

The essential book category for any Game of Thrones Fan. All the latest editions of the books in one place. Plus the exclusive and very useful Game of Thrones Catch Up Machine or the devilish Games of Thrones Spoiler Machine. You have until 13 April 2015 9pm before series five is back on Sky Atlantic.

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For TV show and book fans alike - all the currently published books in George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series.


Read the books or watched the tv ... but can't really remember what happened to all of your favourite GOT characters ...


Don't despair, or try to re-read / re-watch it all before 12 April ... just use the exclusive Lovereading Game of Thrones CATCH UP Machine!




Or if you simply can't wait then the Lovereading Game of Thrones SPOILER Machine! is for you ... but be warned it is jam packed with devilish spoilers ... you have been warned.



Four seasons of Game of Thrones has passed on HBO, and Winter is still coming. Not so the Song of Ice and Fire novels, where Winter is well and truly under way.


Just like Jon Snow, the TV-watchers know nothing. The books are better. It is known. believes the time has come to push the books into prominence. The Song of Ice and Fire series has been building for 16 years, so everyone has had plenty of time to catch up. The Game of Thrones spoiler machine is a way for readers to remember and celebrate the best plot points, and for fans of the show to test their resistance.