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Woman of the Dead by Bernhard Aichner

Woman of the Dead

The Good Book Guide logo The Good Book Guide Review. Among the rivals of the Scandinavian dominance of the crime field, the French are currently riding high, but there are signs that the Germans will soon make a breakthrough, particularly with such talented writers as Bernard Aichner, whose Woman of the Dead (in a typically exemplary translation by Anthea Bell) is a truly memorable and distinctive novel. The theme is revenge. Aichner’s protagonist Blum is dealing with a nagging secret. She considers that she has left her past behind, but then the man she is in love with, Mark, dies in what appears to be hit-and-run accident. But it is no such thing – Mark has in fact been murdered by the men he was investigating, and Blum discovers that there are aspects to her own character she barely suspected as the thirst for revenge takes hold. The crime writer William Ryan has said that this is a book to be consumed in one sitting, and there is no arguing with that verdict.


Woman of the Dead by Bernhard Aichner

The riveting #1 bestseller from Austria: the story of an undertakera vengeance goddess with a dark pastwho makes a vow to hunt down her husbands murderers.Blum is a morticianan outspoken woman in a male dominated profession. She is also the loving mother of two young children, adored by those around her for her kind heart, her strength, and her sharp wit. Blum rides a motorcycle, and likes to spend time with friends and her husband, Mark, a policeman. She has been happily married to Mark for eight years, a perfect union. Blum has a good lifea life that masks the terrible secrets of her childhood. Then, in one devastating moment, Mark is killed before Blums eyes. A hit-and-run. The most important thing in her life, her support and happiness, is taken from her. Blum grieves, but she refuses to accept her fate. She soon discovers that there is more to Marks death than meets the eye. This was no accident. A shadowy group of people wanted Mark dead. But why? Blum is determined to find outand to have her revenge. Woman of the Dead, the first book in a trilogy, is an unforgettable thriller about the lengths one passionate woman will go to for vengeance, and about the tug of war between good and evil in all of us. Writing with breakneck narration and rapid-fire dialogue, Bernhard Aichner is poised to follow in the steps of Jo Nesbo, Camilla Lckberg, and Jussi Adler-Olsen to become Europes new breakout star in crime fiction.

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25th August 2015


Bernhard Aichner

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