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Detergents technology books

See below for a selection of the latest books from Detergents technology category. Presented with a red border are the Detergents technology books that have been lovingly read and reviewed by the experts at Lovereading.

With expert reading recommendations made by people with a passion for books and some unique features Lovereading will help you find great Detergents technology books and those from many more genres to read that will keep you inspired and entertained. And it's all free!

Recently Published

Wormlike Micelles Advances in Systems, Characterisation and Applications by Edo Boek, Cecile A. Dreiss Wormlike Micelles Advances in Systems, Characterisation and Applications
Wormlike Micelles describes the latest developments in the field including new systems, characterization and applications.
Format: Hardback - Released: 21/03/2017

Soap Manufacturing Technology by Luis (L. Spitz Inc., Highland Park, IL, USA) Spitz Soap Manufacturing Technology
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Format: Hardback - Released: 01/06/2016

Biosurfactants Research Trends and Applications by Catherine N. (Concordia University, Quebec, Canada) Mulligan Biosurfactants Research Trends and Applications
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Microbially derived surfactants, called biosurfactants, provide a promising alternative to synthetic surfactants, displaying better availability and being generally nontoxic and biodegradable. Biosurfactants also have the advantage of diverse chemical properties and the potential to be less expensive. They demonstrate properties...
Format: Hardback - Released: 07/01/2014

Handbook of Surfactants by M. R. Porter Handbook of Surfactants

The worldwide consumption of surfactants now exceeds several million tonnes per annum. Six ofthe major types represent approximately 80% of the volume consumed, whereas the remaining 20% is made up of approximately 40 different chemical types. Commercially produced surface active...
Format: Paperback - Released: 22/05/2013

Surfactants Fundamentals and Applications in the Petroleum Industry by Laurier L. (Petroleum Recovery Institute, Calgary, Canada) Schramm Surfactants Fundamentals and Applications in the Petroleum Industry
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This 2000 book provides an introduction to the nature, occurrence, physical properties, propagation, and uses of surfactants in the petroleum industry.
Format: Paperback - Released: 25/11/2010

Handbook of Detergents Production by Paul Sosis Handbook of Detergents Production

The production of detergents is a classic multidimensional systemic enterprise, operating within complex, interacting technological-economical-sociopolitical realities. This book presents the developments concerning the industrial production of the main players in detergent formulation.
Format: Hardback - Released: 20/11/2008

Handbook of Detergents by Uri Zoller Handbook of Detergents

Presents information on raw materials, production, economics, properties, formulations, analysis and test methods, applications, marketing, environmental considerations and related research.
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/11/2008

Handbook of Detergents Applications by Uri Zoller Handbook of Detergents Applications

Offering an examination of detergent applications, this volume deals with the various applications of detergent formulations - surfactants, builders, sequestering/chelating agents - as well as other components.
Format: Hardback - Released: 29/10/2008

Other books in this genre

Liquid Detergents by Kuo-Yann Lai Liquid Detergents

A guide to the fundamental theories, practical applications, formulation technologies and manufacturing aspects of liquid detergents. It embraces advances in the products and technologies of liquid detergents and includes 1800 references, and 300 figures and tables.
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/08/2005

Handbook of Detergents Formulation by Michael S. Showell Handbook of Detergents Formulation

Faced with many challenges and choices, formulators must choose the composition of detergents carefully. This text enables formulators to meet the demands of the complexity of formulations, economic and sustainability constraints, and reducing the impact of detergents on the environment...
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/07/2005

Handbook of Detergents Analysis by Heinrich Waldhoff Handbook of Detergents Analysis

Demonstrates the spectrum of strategies, methods, and techniques for the analytical deformulation of modern detergents. This book offers a comprehensive view of various aspects of detergents, including typical ingredients of modern products, testing of detergent formulations, and the determination of...
Format: Hardback - Released: 30/11/2004

Handbook of Detergents Environmental Impact by Uri Zoller Handbook of Detergents Environmental Impact

Deals with the potential environmental impact of detergents as a result of their production, formulation, usage, consumption, and disposal. This book emphasizes the alignment of scientific knowledge with the relevant contemporary data and methodologies in toxicology, ecotoxicology, and environmental risk...
Format: Hardback - Released: 30/08/2004

Laundry Detergents by Eduard Smulders Laundry Detergents

This monograph provides a comprehensive survey of the parameters involved in textile washing, in particular the action of detergents. The authors describe the physical and chemical principles of the washing process, as well as the composition, production and action of...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/02/2002

Headspace Analysis of Foods and Flavors Theory and Practice by Russell L. Rouseff, K. R. Cadwallader Headspace Analysis of Foods and Flavors Theory and Practice
Headspace gas analysis is an analytical technique that has been successfully applied to food flavors for over 20 years but has experienced a resurgence of interest and innovation in recent years.
Format: Hardback - Released: 31/08/2001

Surface Active Behaviour of Performance Surfactants by D. R. Karsa Surface Active Behaviour of Performance Surfactants

The third volume in a series which provides, clear, informative, in-depth reviews of the most topical areas of surfactant science and technology. Written at research and professional level, the volumes are directed at surface chemists who wish to keep fully...
Format: Hardback - Released: 01/10/2000

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