Book categories

Whatever your specialist subject find the books that cater for your interests. Each specialist category lists the most recent books published, as well as a selection of older titles, so browse at your leisure.

Categories beginning with the letter P

Paediatric medicine

Paediatric nursing

Pageants, parades, festivals

Pain & pain management

Painting & art manuals

Painting & paintings

Palaces, chateaux, country houses

Palaeography (history of writing)


Palliative medicine

Palmistry, phrenology & physiognomy

Paralegals & paralegalism

Parallel processing

Parapsychological studies

Parasitology (non-medical)

Parliamentary & legislative practice

Parodies & spoofs

Particle & high-energy physics

Parties, etiquette & entertaining

Partnership law

Pasta dishes

Patents law


Pattern recognition

PCs (IBM-compatible personal computers)

Peace studies & conflict resolution

Peacekeeping operations

Penology & punishment


Pensions law

Pentecostal Churches

People & places (Children's / Teenage)


Percussion instruments

Performance art

Performing arts: comedy

Peri-operative care

Personal & public health

Personal & social issues (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: body & health (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: bullying, violence & abuse (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: careers guidance (Teenage)

Personal & social issues: death & bereavement (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: disability & special needs (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: divorce, separation, family break-up (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: drugs & addiction (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: racism & multiculturalism (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: sex education & the facts of life (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: sexuality & relationships (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: siblings (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: teenage pregnancy (Children's / Teenage)

Personal & social issues: truancy & school problems (Children's / Teenage)

Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

Personal computers

Personal finance

Personal injury

Personal organisation software & apps

Personal property law

Personal safety

Personal tax

Personnel & human resources management

Pest control

Petroleum & oil industries

Petroleum technology


Pets (Children's / Teenage)

Pharmaceutical industries

Pharmaceutical technology


Pharmacy / dispensing

Phenomenology & Existentialism


Philosophy & theory of education

Philosophy of language

Philosophy of mathematics

Philosophy of mind

Philosophy of religion

Philosophy of science

Philosophy: aesthetics

Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge

Philosophy: logic

Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology

Phonetics, phonology

Photo & image editing

Photographic equipment & techniques

Photographic reportage

Photographs: collections

Photographs: portraits

Photography & photographs

Phycology, algae & lichens

Physical anthropology

Physical chemistry

Physical geography & topography


Physics of gases

Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology



Picture books

Picture books, activity books & early learning material

Picture books: character books

Picture dictionaries (Children's / Teenage)

Picture framing

Picture storybooks

Pigments, dyestuffs & paint technology

Place names & gazetteers

Places & peoples: general & pictorial works

Places in old photographs

Planning law

Plant ecology

Plant pathology & diseases

Plant physiology

Plant reproduction & propagation

Plasma physics

Plastic & reconstructive surgery

Plastics & polymers technology

Plays, playscripts

Playscripts (Children's / Teenage)



Poetry (Children's / Teenage)

Poetry anthologies (various poets)

Poetry by individual poets


Police & security services

Police law & police procedures

Political / legal thriller

Political activism

Political assassinations

Political campaigning & advertising

Political control & freedoms

Political correctness

Political corruption

Political economy

Political geography

Political ideologies

Political leaders & leadership

Political manifestos

Political oppression & persecution

Political parties

Political science & theory

Political structure & processes

Political structures: democracy

Political structures: totalitarianism & dictatorship

Political subversion

Politics & government

Pollution & threats to the environment

Pollution control

Polymer chemistry

Pop music (Children's / Teenage)

Pop-up & lift-the-flap books

Popular astronomy & space

Popular beliefs & controversial knowledge

Popular culture

Popular economics

Popular mathematics

Popular medicine & health

Popular music, easy listening

Popular philosophy

Popular psychology

Popular science

Population & demography

Portable & handheld devices: consumer/user guides

Portraits in art

Postal & telecommunications industries

Poster art


Postwar 20th century history, from c 1945 to c 2000

Pottery, ceramics & glass crafts

Poultry farming

Poverty & unemployment

Powder technology

Power generation & distribution

Power networks, systems, stations & plants

Power utilization & applications


Practical interests (Children's / Teenage)


Prayers & liturgical material


Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences

Pre-school & kindergarten

Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design

Precision instruments manufacture

Pregnancy, birth & baby care

Prehistoric archaeology

Presentation graphics software

Preserving & freezing

Press & journalism

Press out & kit books

Pressure groups & lobbying

Primary & middle schools

Primary industries

Primary sources of law


Printing & reprographic technology

Printing, packaging & reprographic industry

Prints & printmaking

Prisoners of war


Privacy & data protection

Privacy law

Private / Civil law: general works

Private international law & conflict of laws


Probability & statistics

Probation services

Procurement law

Product design

Production & quality control management

Production engineering

Professional interior design

Program concepts / learning to program

Programming & scripting languages: general

Project management

Project management software


Property & real estate

Property law

Prose: non-fiction



Protestantism & Protestant Churches


Psychiatric nursing


Psychic powers & psychic phenomena

Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology)


Psychological methodology

Psychological testing & measurement

Psychological theory & schools of thought


Psychology of ageing

Psychology of gender

Psychology: emotions



Public administration

Public buildings: civic, commercial, industrial, etc

Public finance

Public finance accounting

Public health & preventive medicine

Public health & safety law

Public international law

Public libraries

Public opinion & polls

Public ownership / nationalization

Public relations

Public safety issues

Public speaking guides

Publishing industry & book trade

Pulp & paper technology

Punk, New Wave & Indie

Puppetry, miniature & toy theatre

Purchasing & supply management

Puzzle books (Children's / Teenage)

Puzzles & quizzes