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Westerns books

See below for a selection of the latest books from Westerns category. Presented with a red border are the Westerns books that have been lovingly read and reviewed by the experts at Lovereading.

With expert reading recommendations made by people with a passion for books and some unique features Lovereading will help you find great Westerns books and those from many more genres to read that will keep you inspired and entertained. And it's all free!

Recently Published

Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade by Loren D. Estleman Branch and the Scaffold and Billy Gashade

Two westerns from Spur Award-Winning author Loren D. Estleman, now in Mass Market! The Branch and the ScaffoldWhen Judge Isaac Parker first arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the town had thirty saloons and one bank. Never flinching from his duty,...
Format: eBook - Released: 27/02/2018

Kiss in the Sunlight by Marie Patrick Kiss in the Sunlight

Can the eldest MacDermott brother put his family trauma at the hands of the Logan gang aside once and for all to make room for love? Find out in the emotional and satisfying conclusion to this heartfelt series.Sheriff Teague MacDermott's...
Format: eBook - Released: 26/02/2018

Texan Secrets by Dirk Hawkman Texan Secrets

Sheriff Owen Rowlands' closest friend Renard has gone missing. Searching his friend's ransacked house, the lawman finds a dying man on the bed - but no sign of Renard. Determined to track down his friend, Rowlands investigates links to a...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Dry Gulch Outlaws by George Snyder Dry Gulch Outlaws

Link Bonner has already tracked and killed two of the Carp brothers who raped and murdered his young Pawnee bride. Then when he gets word of the whereabouts of the others, he leaves Emma Fitzgerald behind him in Fort Union...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Long John by D.D. Lang Long John

William Henry John was a small time rancher. But when his wife died in a riding accident, he became a broken man. He turned to drink. At first his neighbours were helpful and sympathetic, but Henry John soon became the...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Western Union by Paul Bedford Western Union

The year is 1861 and the nation is at war. The Western Union Telegraph Company intends to connect East with West as never before, but is beset by enemies. Wires are cut and telegraph poles burned, and then matters take...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Trouble at Painted River by Matt Cole Trouble at Painted River

Outlaw Birch Hamilton was born Birch Kent, a bastard boy who was thrust into a life of crime at the age of sixteen. Now he was attempting to do the near impossible - break out of Yuma Territorial Prison. Once...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Bad Blood by Ethan Flagg Bad Blood

The bond between wandering cowboys Buck Medwell and his younger brother Skip has always been fractious. So when Buck is forced to bust his kin out of jail following their pay-off at the end of a cattle drive to Newton,...
Format: Hardback - Released: 19/02/2018

Coming Soon

Breakheart Pass by Alistair MacLean Breakheart Pass

A magnificent tale of heart-stopping suspense from the highly acclaimed master of the genre.
Format: Paperback - Released: 21/03/2018

The Massacre at Yellow Hill by C S Humble The Massacre at Yellow Hill

Format: Paperback - Released: 22/03/2018

The Way of the Gun by Ralph Hayes The Way of the Gun

Fired from the Provost ranch and humiliated in front of the whole bunkhouse, Duke Latham swears vengeance on the owner Maynard Provost. Pursuing a life of crime and violence at the head of a small gang of outlaws, six months...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

The Defenders by Alex Hawkesville The Defenders

The bounty hunter had long thought of settling down. But when Jubal Thorne came to the small community of Brewlins he discovered a hotbed of intrigue and vice. Who was Abbey Watt and why was she central to the changes...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

Six-Guns at Solace by John Davage Six-Guns at Solace

When Meg Thornton becomes caught up in a bank raid, she is horrified to discover that one of the raiders is her brother, Clay, who has been on the run since killing the barman in their home town. Clay has...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

Shadow Shooters by George Arthur Shadow Shooters

Released from Yuma Prison in the fall of 1878, after serving three years for bank robbery, Anson Hawkstone returns to the Apache village where he lived, determined to find Rachel, his former love, and give up the outlaw trail. However,...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

Battle Mountain by Matt Cole Battle Mountain

Clay Parker and his cohorts are what is left of the once-infamous Tulley gang. They have waited five years to get the money they stole from a bank, which they believe has been hidden by one of their own -...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

Stagecoach to Serenity by Steven Gray Stagecoach to Serenity

After Darren Norton shoots Arthur Hamlin dead during a card game, he goes on the run, leaving behind his girlfriend, Sal the Gal. A reward is put up for his capture and bounty hunter Gustavus Greeley is soon on his...
Format: Hardback - Released: 26/03/2018

The Stalking Death by J.A. Johnstone The Stalking Death

Format: Paperback - Released: 27/03/2018

Pitchfork Pass by J.A. Johnstone Pitchfork Pass

Format: Paperback - Released: 27/03/2018

Sharpshooter by Dusty Richards Sharpshooter

Format: Paperback - Released: 27/03/2018

The Branch and The Scaffold and Billy Gashade by Loren D. Estleman The Branch and The Scaffold and Billy Gashade

Two westerns from Spur Award-Winning author Loren D. Estleman!
Format: Paperback - Released: 09/04/2018

Lost Lands by P. J. Keogh Lost Lands

1867 The American Civil War is two years over, and the French invaders of Mexico are in retreat. A madman plots to overthrow Mexico's president, Benito Juarez, and start a war to restore las Tierras Perdidasthe Lost Landsto Mexico. If...
Format: eBook - Released: 15/04/2018

The Legend of Link Bonner by Shorty Gunn The Legend of Link Bonner

Link Bonner never wanted to gain a reputation as a fast hand with a six-gun and the will to use it. But sometimes circumstances drive the lives of men even beyond their own desires. Bonner was such a man, always...
Format: Hardback - Released: 23/04/2018

Revenge at Powder River by John McNally Revenge at Powder River

Sam Heggarty returns home to hunt for the gunmen who robbed and executed his father. As he makes his way back, he witnesses another murder and stumbles across a clue to the people responsible for his father's death. Sam becomes...
Format: Hardback - Released: 23/04/2018

Other books in this genre

The Legend Of Perley Gates by J.A. Johnstone The Legend Of Perley Gates

Format: Paperback - Released: 15/02/2018

Skyrider by B M Bower Skyrider

Format: Hardback - Released: 12/02/2018

The Checker Board Book Four: Medicine Bow Spirit by Nedler Palaz The Checker Board Book Four: Medicine Bow Spirit

Format: Paperback - Released: 07/02/2018

Sundown Over Texas by Robert a Kittrell Sundown Over Texas

Format: Paperback - Released: 06/02/2018

Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook Which Way Tree

The poignant odyssey of a tenacious young girl who braves the dangers of the Texas frontier to avenge her mother's death&quote;When I began to read this book its unique voice appealed to me immediately. Elizabeth Crook has written a beautiful...
Format: eBook - Released: 06/02/2018

Luckiest Cowboy of All by Carolyn Brown Luckiest Cowboy of All

TWO FULL BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE--AN ALL-NEW CAROLYN BROWN BOOK PLUS HOMETOWN COWBOY BY SARA RICHARDSON A secret baby brings a second chance for love. Carlene Varner's homecoming isn't exactly going according to plan. She thought she'd have...
Format: eBook - Released: 30/01/2018

The Bloody Spur by Max Allan Collins The Bloody Spur

Format: Hardback - Released: 30/01/2018

Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming by William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone Rattlesnake Wells, Wyoming
Johnstone Justice. What America Needs Now. The first story in a fiery new series about the west's most dangerous boomtown, and the reformed outlaw who risks his life to keep it safe . . . RATTLESNAKE WELLS, WYOMING In the...
Format: eBook - Released: 30/01/2018

Thunder at River Station by Stan Briney Thunder at River Station

Format: Hardback - Released: 29/01/2018

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