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Slaying Paradise: Legend of The Iron Warrior Vol. 1

"A recommended read for anyone who likes more spiritually focused fantasy and interesting heroes journeys."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Police Officer Travis Holiday finds himself in Carnage Coast, where he is pulled into the battle between God and Lucifer and serves as God’s Iron Warrior in order to save the world. Opposing him is Lucifer (or Luc’s) chosen Queenpin Sensation, working to pass The Free Love initiative, promising a promotion of sexual freedom, access to all drugs and more for the renouncing of your soul and the abolition of God and organised religion. But the water gets murky the more Travis and Sensation cross paths, will he be able choose God and save humanity, or fall for her and let the world crumble. This is the first volume in the Legend of the Iron Warrior and introduces you to our main character and the struggles he faces navigating his role as The Iron Warrior. As you can guess by the synopsis there are religious undertones throughout this fantasy novel but Travis feels enough doubt and conflict that it doesn’t become too preachy. The plotline flows well, we have enough time to establish who the key characters are, but it also moves through the action with a pace and urgency that emphasises the importance of the battle faced. Although Slaying Paradise is the start of a series, the storyline for this book feels quite complete, it doesn’t feel like a set-up for future books, and it makes me more curious about what will be covered in future volumes. A recommended read for anyone who likes more spiritually focused fantasy and interesting heroes journeys.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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