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The Dracula Illusion

"‘The Dracula Illusion’ is an interesting modern gothic narrative, weaving a tale that spans centuries while Robert is subtly enthralled."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A man adrift is drawn into a vampire’s centuries long quest for revenge. Robert comes across to me as a slightly adrift character. We first meet him as he quits the job he was unhappy in as an art representative, deciding to use the rest of the day to visit the National Gallery. When he meets a charming stranger on the train then again at the gallery, he doesn't know the dark path he's started down. Xander wants to avenge the death of the last person he loved as a human by wiping out the descendants of his maker. He uses his vampiric powers in order to lure Robert into helping him. ‘The Dracula Illusion’ is an interesting modern gothic narrative, weaving a tale that spans centuries while Robert is subtly enthralled. Xander’s intelligence, charm and vanity seem synonymous with the literary vampires we’re familiar with in ways I found a bit ironic. As you would expect when reading a vampire’s memoir there is much dissection of the cultural and literary discussions of “the vampire”. He dismisses the modern reflections of the vampire while then adhering to many of the ideas he disparages. Many of the kills he described are connected to love and sexuality; his desire for power over people voiced throughout and at the end of the book could be seen as akin to the ideas of feudal aristocracy or monopoly capitalism - wealth, position and influence are all forms of power. I found it interesting to be an outsider, to learn more about this contradictory character, then still see Robert succumb. It demonstrates the sinister, inevitable nature of Xander which adds another thrilling dimension to the story. I liked the mix in writing styles, the switch between Robert’s quickly unravelling life and Xander’s confident, companionable diary entries. I enjoyed being guided along by the steady pace in which the plot unfolded, as we see why Xander has come into Robert’s life. The black and white illustrations throughout, although crafted like quick pencil sketches they are nicely detailed, the one of Whitby steps stood out to me as a favourite. In all I enjoyed the merging of the classic vampire tales with a modern story and found this to be an entertaining gothic read. With the ending preparing you for a sequel I do wonder whether Xander will meet his match.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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