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The Storybook Coroner

"I would recommend this book to someone looking for a light, entertaining fantasy read."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An irreverent tale that merges mythical figures and an adventure to reunite a love-at-only-sight couple. The synopsis for ‘The Storybook Coroner’ doesn’t give a lot away so I was curious about what I would find as I started reading. We witness the first meeting of a goat herder and a beautiful woman and it’s love at first sight, then the woman vanishes. What follows is a story that brings together Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Mayan mythology on a quest to reunite the couple. The book does feature everything included in the mysterious synopsis and a bit more. With the reference in the title becoming clear towards the end of the novel I can assume that this is the first of a possible series, with the role of The Storybook Coroner explored more widely in future books. This is a tale full of irreverent humour, with a broad cast of gods introduced, mysteries uncovered and grand rescue plans concocted. The writing style is easily readable and naïve in a way that makes the storytelling feel whimsical. However, because of some of the language used I would possibly say this is more appropriate for an adult audience than a YA audience. I would recommend this book to someone looking for a light, entertaining fantasy read.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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