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Optimization and Dynamics with Their Applications Essays in Honor of Ferenc Szidarovszky

by Akio Matsumoto

Optimization and Dynamics with Their Applications Essays in Honor of Ferenc Szidarovszky Synopsis

This book presents a variety of advanced research papers in optimization and dynamics written by internationally recognized researchers in these fields. As an example of applying optimization in sport, it introduces a new method for finding the optimal bat sizes in baseball and softball. The book is divided into three parts: operations research, dynamics, and applications. The operations research section deals with the convergence of Newton-type iterations for solving nonlinear equations and optimum problems, the limiting properties of the Nash bargaining solution, the utilization of public goods, and optimizing lot sizes in the automobile industry. The topics in dynamics include special linear approximations of nonlinear systems, the dynamic behavior of industrial clusters, adaptive learning in oligopolies, periodicity in duopolies resulting from production constraints, and dynamic models of love affairs. The third part presents applications in the fields of reverse logistic network design for end-of-life wind turbines, fuzzy optimization of the structure of agricultural products, water resources management in the restoration plans for a lake and also in groundwater supplies. In addition it discusses applications in reliability engineering to find the optimal preventive replacement times of deteriorating equipment and using bargaining theory to determine the best maintenance contract. The diversity of the application areas clearly illustrates the usefulness of the theory and methodology of optimization and dynamics in solving practical problems.

Book Information

ISBN: 9789811042133
Publication date: 7th June 2017
Author: Akio Matsumoto
Publisher: Springer Verlag, Singapore
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 344 pages
Categories: Game theory, Management & management techniques, Operational research, Political economy, Behavioural economics,

About Akio Matsumoto

Akio Matsumoto, Dept. of Economics, Chuo University

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