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Transcultural English Studies Theories, Fictions, Realities

by Frank Schulze-Engler

Part of the Cross/Cultures / ASNEL Papers Series

Transcultural English Studies Theories, Fictions, Realities Synopsis

What is most strikingly new about the transcultural is its sudden ubiquity. Following in the wake of previous concepts in cultural and literary studies such as creolization, hybridity, and syncretism, and signalling a family relationship to terms such as transnationality, translocality, and transmigration, `transcultural' terminology has unobtrusively but powerfully edged its way into contemporary theoretical and critical discourse. The four sections of this volume denote major areas where `transcultural' questions and problematics have come to the fore: theories of culture and literature that have sought to account for the complexity of culture in a world increasingly characterized by globalization, transnationalization, and interdependence; realities of individual and collective life-worlds shaped by the ubiquity of phenomena and experiences relating to transnational connections and the blurring of cultural boundaries; fictions in literature and other media that explore these realities, negotiate the fuzzy edges of `ethnic' or `national' cultures, and participate in the creation of transnational public spheres as well as transcultural imaginations and memories; and, finally, pedagogy and didactics, where earlier models of teaching `other' cultures are faced with the challenge of coming to terms with cultural complexity both in what is being taught and in the people it is taught to, and where `target cultures' have become elusive. The idea of `locating' culture and literature exclusively in the context of ethnicities or nations is rapidly losing plausibility throughout an `English-speaking world' that has long since been multi- rather than monolingual. Exploring the prospects and contours of `Transcultural English Studies' thus reflects a set of common challenges and predicaments that in recent years have increasingly moved centre stage not only in the New Literatures in English, but also in British and American studies.

Book Information

ISBN: 9789042025639
Publication date: 1st January 2008
Author: Frank Schulze-Engler
Publisher: Editions Rodopi B.V. an imprint of Brill
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 469 pages
Categories: Literary studies: general,

About Frank Schulze-Engler

The Chief Editors, FRANK SCHULZE-ENGLER and SISSY HELFF, teach at J.W. von Goethe University, Frankfurt. CONTRIBUTORS: Sabrina Brancato, Nadia Butt, Sabine Doff, Gisela Feurle, Pascal Fischer, Detlev Gohrbandt, Sissy Helff, Kerstin Knopf, Ruth Mayer, Michaela Moura-Kocoglu, Mike Phillips, Eva Ulrike Pirker, Michael C. Prusse, Virginia Richter, Kanaka Bashyam Sankaran, Katja Sarkowsky, Barbara Schaff, Edith Shillue, Frank Schulze-Engler, Axel Stahler, Mark Stein, Silke Stroh, Peter O. Stummer, Christine Vogt-William, Laurenz Volkmann, Gisela Welz, Wolfgang Welsch, Dirk Wiemann

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