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Atlas of Comparative Sectional Anatomy of 6 invertebrates and 5 vertebrates by Geza Zboray, Zsolt Kovacs, Gyorgy Kriska, Kinga Molnar

Atlas of Comparative Sectional Anatomy of 6 invertebrates and 5 vertebrates

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Atlas of Comparative Sectional Anatomy of 6 invertebrates and 5 vertebrates by Geza Zboray, Zsolt Kovacs, Gyorgy Kriska, Kinga Molnar

This atlas contains 189 coloured images taken from transversal, horizontal and sagittal sections of eleven organisms widely used in university teaching. Six invertebrate and five vertebrate species - from the nematode worm (Ascaris suum) to mammals (Rattus norvegicus) - are shown in detailed images.Studying the macrosections with unaided eyes, with a simple magnifier or binocular microscope might be of great help to accomplish traditional anatomical studies and to establish a certain spatial experience/space perception.This volume will be of great interest for biology students, researchers and teachers of comparative anatomy. It might act as supporting material of practical courses. Furthermore, medical practitioners, agricultural specialists and researchers having an interest in comparative anatomy might also benefit from it.

About the Author

Dr. Geza I Zboray, graduated as a grammar/high-school teacher of biology and geography at the Eotvos Lorand University, Faculty of Science, Budapest, 1964. Dr. Univ.: summa cum laude, 1973. He is a senior lecturer at Department of Anatomy, Cell and Developmental Biology, Eotvos Lorand University, Faculty of Science. His main interest is neuroanatomy. BSc lecture: comparative anatomy, histology and embryology. MSc lectures and practical courses: neuroanatomy, developmental biology and comparative and human histology. PhD course: Comparative neuroanatomy (1993-2002). He is the editor and author of most textbooks, published by the department (more than 10 volumes), included the above mentioned atlas (in English: Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy. Honors and awards: For the excellent work, given by the Cabinet Council of Hungary (1986), For the Hungarian Science (2002), Pro Universitate medal, given by the University Council, Eotvos Lorand University (2002), Silver Cross Medal of the Hungarian Republic, given by the President of Hungary (2002). He was elected as an Excellent lecturer of he Faculty of Science, Eotvos Lorand University (1984, 1990, 1997 and 2002).Dr. Zsolt Kovacs, PhD (neurobiology, 2003; habilitation: 2008) is associate professor of University of West Hungary (Savaria Campus, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Zoology, Szombathely). He founded a neurophysiological laboratory in his university (2001). His special field in research: absence epilepsy genesis in WAG/Rij rats; connections between neuroinflammatory reactions and absence epilepsy genesis; uneven regional distribution of nucleosides in the human brain ( He is the lecturer of comparative anatomy and physiology as well neurochemistry. Zsolt Kovacs is author of two textbooks of histology, and co-author of the OEsszehasonlito metszetanatomiai atlasz , in English: Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy). Dr. Gyorgy Kriska, PhD (biology, 2000) is assistant professor of Eotvos University (Faculty of Natural Sciences, Group for Methodology in Biology Teaching, Budapest). His special field in research: visual ecology and freshwater biology ( He is interested in micro- and macrophotography and computer programming. Honors: 1997: 1st, 3rd prize, 1999: 1st prize, 2001: 1st prize of Hungarian Association of Manufacturers, Distributors and Consumers of Educational Media. Gyorgy Kriska is co-author of the Wirbellose Tiere in den Binnengewassern Zentraleuropas (Weissdord-Verlag Jena, 2009).Dr. Kinga Molnar graduated as a biologist (1993), obtained her PhD title in cell biology (2001) at Eotvos University. She has more than 15 years routine in higher education. Her present affiliation is a lecturer in comparative anatomy, comparative and mammalian histology, developmental and human embryology and zoology at the Department of Anatomy, Cell and Developmental Biology, Faculty of Science, Eotvos Lorand University. She is the illustrator of 8 textbooks written on a field of anatomy, histology, surgery and neurochemistry by authors working at the Eotvos University and the Semmelweis University of Medicine (1996-2005, publishers: Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado (National Textbook Publishing Company), Eotvos Kiado (Eotvos University Press), Semmelweis Kiado (Semmelweis Publishing Company), Dialog Campus and Scolar Publishing Companies). She is the author of an anatomy book (Scolar Kiado, 2005) and one of the co-authors of the Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy (Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado, 2005). Zsolt Palfia, biological-engineer at Department of Anatomy, Cell and Developmental Biology, Eotvos Lorand University. He holds M.Sc. in biological engineering at the Faculty of Chemistry, Technical University Budapest, 1983. He is lecturer of comparative anatomy, comparative histology, cell biology, image analysis and animal preparation. His field of interest in research: observation of the cellular autophagy on different model systems (exocrine pancreas of rat; C. elegans) and analysis of biological pattern formation. He is co-author, co-illustrator and technical editor (copyeditor, compositor, text and cover designer, indexer) of the textbooks and Atlas of comparative sectional anatomy . He is contributor of some Hungarian publisher (Nemzeti Tankonyvkiado (National Textbook Publishing Company), Magyar Vilag Kiado (Hungarian World Publishing Company), Magyar Nagylexikon Kiado (Hungarian National Encyclopedia Publishing Company) and Pauz-Westermann Kiado (Pauz-Westermann Publishing Company)) as an illustrator and text designer.

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Publication date

14th October 2016


Geza Zboray, Zsolt Kovacs, Gyorgy Kriska, Kinga Molnar

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Springer Verlag GmbH


278 pages


Zoology & animal sciences
Zoology & animal sciences
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