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The Mermaid Rides Again

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The Mermaid Rides Again Synopsis

The Mermaid Rides Againis full of lyrical and funny poems, honed from years of performance and inspired by an adventurous life. Following the success of her first poetry volume,'The Mermaid is Unimpressed', this secondvolume isfilled with poems covering the thrills of riding pillion on motorbikes to embarrassing entanglements with past lovers, including such topics as the joy of cake to the perils of leaving granny by the cliff edge. With a wry wit, sarcastic and tender, Sandy Kealty guides the readerwith a narrative on the grit that formed the pearl of each poem. She writes in free verse, and sometimes in rhyme but always with an ear to be performed aloud, from her experience as a musician and in performing her poems to live audiences. A wise and intelligent poet, reflecting back on life, while analysing the state of the nation. With fantastic vocabulary and just the right word in the right place, she writes tight andpunchy poems, that are also reflective and witty, formed from personal experience on her life that will also resonate with many. Poems to read aloud, poems to perform, poems to heal, poems as a gift, poems for mum, poems for a daughter,poems to make you smile, poems to make you laugh, poems for women, poems for men. Read them at home, on the train or out loud in a park! For more information see the publisher website: www.beachybooks.com

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781999728342
Publication date: 6th March 2020
Author: Sandy Kealty
Publisher: Beachy Books
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 52 pages
Genres: Poetry by individual poets
Modern and contemporary poetry (c 1900 onwards)