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Rize Novella Anthology, Volume 1

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Rize Novella Anthology, Volume 1 Synopsis

Kite Kid by N. D. RaoA cynical hustler rediscovers his inner child during a gig gone awry in California's East Bay. Can he clean up his act?Fire And Ice by Rani JayakumarA girl growing up in a small town reflects on her relationship with her dead mother and her alcoholic father as she struggles to reconcile the traditional Indian culture and mythology she was taught with her modern American upbringing, and her own dreams.Multicoloured Muffler by Nazia KamaliSophia reaches Seoul with no knowledge of the local language and culture. All felt wrong until she meets Yi Soo, an aspiring novelist who works in a cafe nearby. Their love transcends all boundaries until one of them decides that it is not enough.Water for TsaTsa by Glenn MoriIn "e;Water for TsaTsa"e; the expedition sent to negotiate mining rights discovers that the life forms on the planet exist in a manner wildly different from what they expected.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781955062640
Publication date: 1st September 2023
Author: Rani Jayakumar, Glenn Mori, Nazia Kamali, Naveen Rao
Publisher: Running Wild Press
Format: Ebook (Epub)