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This title will be released on 02/12/2024. Pre-order now.

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Ingrown Synopsis

'The hairs are always buried much deeper than you think.' Where the natural collides with the supernatural, these vivid stories situate us at the permeable border between fantastical and mundane. A teenage swimmer tries to remove an ingrown hair that takes on a life of its own. A town grapples with an uncontrollable growth of moss. A horror soundtrack haunts its composer. Testing the boundary between fantasy and reality, Oliver stretches the imagination to its limits in a collection which places the physical body, human connection and the truth at its centre. These tales navigate guilt, grief and explore the nature of victimhood. Oliver's honest voice penetrates human truths while ghosting narratives with the uncanny. Journey to the outer limits of bodily awareness as characters dive deep to confront their truth.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781915789280
Publication date: 2nd December 2024
Author: Katie Oliver
Publisher: Fly on the Wall Press
Format: Paperback
Genres: Shorter Reads
Modern and Contemporary Fiction