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How to Think More Effectively

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How to Think More Effectively Synopsis

A guide to identifying, nurturing and growing our insight and creativity for more effective thinking. We know that our minds are capable of great things because, every now and then, they come out with a very brilliant idea or two. However, our minds are also tantalisingly unpredictable, spending worryingly large stretches of time idling or distracting themselves. This is a book about how to optimise these beautiful yet fitful instruments so that they can more regularly and generously produce the sort of insights and ideas we need to fulfil our potential – and achieve the contentment we deserve. We learn – among other things – how to grasp fragile and flighty thoughts before they disappear through anxiety and fear, at what times of day to try to work and for how long, how to make use of our boredom and instincts – and how to overcome timid and predictable approaches to the largest problems.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781912891139
Publication date: 23rd January 2020
Author: The School of Life
Publisher: The School of Life Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 144 pages
Genres: Memory improvement and thinking techniques
Mind, body, spirit: thought and practice
Philosophy of mind
Popular philosophy