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Godhead The Brain's Big Bang

by Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell

Godhead The Brain's Big Bang Synopsis

This book sets out to draw together psychology, science and mysticism into the same river of human experience. In doing so it throws new light on questions that mankind has pondered for centuries. The authors take us on an exciting investigative voyage that produces clear reasons for why those who think human life is essentially meaningless are wrong. En route, through the lens of evolution, cultural history, poetry, psychology and a plethora of new scientific insights, they not only throw fresh light on ancient mysteries, the origin of creativity, hypnosis, spirituality, religion and indoctrination but also meet head-on the central questions at the heart of science today. Science and mysticism are essential aspects of human functioning, they say, and both are linked with why we are so uniquely prone to mental illness and understanding this is a part of effective self-development. These are some of the key questions they explore (and answer). Why is it that we are capable of creating societies that foster the highest pinnacles of extraordinary individual and collective creative achievement, yet so often let our cultures degenerate to the nadir of inhumanity and bestiality? Where is the 'nothing' that existed before 'something' first appeared? Where did the quantum information come from that made our vast universe and all forms of life possible? What is consciousness? How could consciousness arise from inanimate matter? Can the claims about the nature of reality made by mystics throughout the ages be reconciled with our best scientific insights? What is mysticism for? What does 'enlightenment' mean exactly? Can our individual consciousness survive death? Are 'God' and 'Godhead' useful terms? Is there a future for our species? What is 'destiny'? And how should one prepare oneself to meet it?

Book Information

ISBN: 9781899398270
Publication date: 7th July 2011
Author: Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell
Publisher: Human Givens Publishing Ltd
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 467 pages
Categories: Mind, Body, Spirit,

About Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrell

Joe Griffin is a social psychologist with graduate and post-graduate degrees from the LSE. His extensive research has increased our knowledge and understanding and has brought us the first comprehensive, scientifically consistent theory of why we evolved to dream. This proved of great practical benefit for alleviating and understanding mental and emotional distress. He is also co-author with Ivan Tyrrell (who has equally rich experience and knowledge in the field of psychotherapy and psychology) of Human Givens: A new approach to emotional health and clear thinking. This landmark title reached 15 on Amazon's sales list when it was first published in 2003 ...

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