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Melanie Klein and Beyond A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources by Harry Karnac

Melanie Klein and Beyond A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources


Melanie Klein and Beyond A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources by Harry Karnac

'Did Melanie Klein ever think that 50 years after her death her ideas would be spreading world-wide in such a fruitful and productive way? In one sense she would be surprised, but in another, I think she might have regarded it as just to be expected. She had a very high regard for her own work, and enormous confidence that she was on to something new. At the same time she was fatefully resigned to being misunderstood and rejected - just as Freud had been, of course. But now, here is the evidence of her success: two thousand plus references, and climbing. Klein's ideas are truly international now, and perhaps wherever Freud is there Klein shall be, to adapt a well-known phrase. Of course this is in the context of other schools which also spread slipperily across the globe, thanks now to the web. But Harry Karnac's bibliography is a proper published document, and is of immense potential use for clinicians, students, and researchers. Its embrace is much wider than Kleinian texts on PEPWeb, and it is a natural companion to that database. It is also a companion to Harry's previous bibliographies of Winnicott and Bion.' - Bob Hinshelwood, from the Foreword


'Uniquely, its success is in directing us comprehensively, not just to core Kleinian writings, but also to works that critique the core. This is a great strength since any burgeoning school must eventually break out fully from an enclave of supporters and allow itself an exposure to proper critical appraisal by others. Klein's discoveries of the depressive position, splitting mechanisms, projective identification, and primary envy, and the later developments of these ideas are, still, such radical advances on Freud's energic metapsychology that they deserve and need continuing study, clinically and theoretically. The body of writing comprising those critiques as well as the core writings is now collected together for us. We are fortunate to have such an aide de recherche.' - Bob Hinshelwood, from the ForewordContentsIntroduction - R. D. HinshelwoodPreface - Harry KarnacPart 1 The Writings of Melanie Klein- Chronological- AlphabeticalPart 2 Secondary SourcesAlphabetical by author- Articles- Books including articles from books- Reviews'

About the Author

Harry Karnac (1919 - 2014), the founder of Karnac Books, began to specialise in psychoanalytic bookselling at the suggestion of Clifford Scott and Donald Winnicott - both customers in Karnac's Gloucester Road shop - and, despite retiring in the 1980s, retained his interest in psychoanalysis throughout his life, culminating in the compilation of extensive bibliographies on Winnicott, Bion and Klein.

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1st July 2009


Harry Karnac

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Karnac Books


198 pages


Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology)



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