Python 2.6 Text Processing: Beginners Guide

by Jeff McNeil

Python 2.6 Text Processing: Beginners Guide Synopsis

This book is part of the Beginner's Guide series. Each chapter covers the steps for various tasks to process data followed by brief explanation of what is happening in each task. The explanation is followed by a few questions on the topic under discussion that will serve as a refresher course for you. This book is for people who have text in one format, and need it in another, as quickly as possible. You don't need any experience with text processing, but you will need some basic knowledge of Python.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781849512121
Publication date: 15th December 2010
Author: Jeff McNeil
Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 380 pages
Categories: Web programming,

About Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeil has been working in the Internet Services industry for over 10 years. He cut his teeth during the late 90's Internet boom and has been developing software for Unix and Unix-flavored systems ever since. Jeff has been a full-time Python developer for the better half of that time and has professional experience with a collection of other languages, including C, Java, and Perl. He takes an interest in systems administration and server automation problems. Jeff recently joined Google and has had the pleasure of working with some very talented individuals.

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