Groovy Old Men A Spotter's Guide

by Nick Baker

Groovy Old Men A Spotter's Guide Synopsis

The rise of an impressive new species of older man is hilariously and perceptively charted by journalist, broadcaster and producer Nick Baker. Groovy old men still move with the times. They're still into sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, still work, and see age as no reason to stop having fun. They were present at the birth of youth culture in the 50s, sighing with relief at missing National Service and reeling from the impact of Bill Haley. They're now part of a new breed of older men who are, as Nick Baker brilliantly argues in this unique, funny and occasionally touching book, on the march. Groovy Old Men is packed full of interviews with experts and archetypes like designer Sir Paul Smith, radical Tariq Ali, veteran writer Ray Gosling, bioethics expert Professor John Harris and Mark Ellen, former member of Ugly Rumours, the band once led by Tony Blair. And lots of ordinary Groovy Old Men too. A humorous, entertaining and occasionally provocative commentary on older male life in the noughties, Nick Baker's book invents then dissects the Groovy Old Men phenomenon, and peers into the glamorous world of Groovy Old Men of the future.

Groovy Old Men A Spotter's Guide Press Reviews

`A fascinating subject for narcissists.' -- Stephen Bayley, New Statesman `We have radio producer Nick Baker to thank for identifying a new social phenomenon called `Groovy Old Men.' Like other good definitions I kick myself that I didn't think of it myself, as I instantly know what - and more important who - Groovy Old Men are.' -- Emma Soames, Saga Magazine `Funny and observant' -- Daily Mail `A deserved tribute to the first generation of men who didn't just turn into their fathers at 21.' -- The Word Magazine `If the man in your life is still into sex, drugs and rock `n' roll, this one's for him.' -- Aberdeen Press & Journal `'Groovy Old Men' are not just for Christmas shopping, they're for (a very long and groovy) life.' -- Kathryn Flett, Observer `At home with modern technology, at ease with contemporary brands, books and bands and as keen on a pair of Converse All Stars as any Jumping Jack Flash a quarter their age, Groovy Old Men have utterly failed to age. But there is more to them than artfully cut chinos and a well-stocked iPod. Above all, Groovy Old Men have maintained a youthful curiosity that keeps them as excited by modern culture as they ever were when they discovered, say, the blues around the time they did their National Service.' -- Emma Soames, Saga Magazine `A humorous and provocative commentary on the role and status of the more mature man in the 21st century.' -- Sunday Herald

Book Information

ISBN: 9781848310391
Publication date: 7th May 2009
Author: Nick Baker
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 240 pages
Categories: Humour,

About Nick Baker

Nick Baker was born in 1952 and lives in London with his partner and two teenage sons. He has been [a] teacher, journalist, writer for teenagers, award-winning radio reporter (he's still a familiar voice on Radio 4) and producer. He runs Testbed, a long established radio and audio independent production company.

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