Martian Legacy

by Edward Nickson

Martian Legacy Synopsis

The year is 2919 AD. Earth has suffered catastrophically due to climate change and is now recovering thanks to scientific know how. That same technology has now been used successfully in terraforming Mars into a beautiful new world. Mass migration to Mars is imminent but terrorists have other ideas, they want it for themselves. Fuelled by crazed ideology they embark on an atomic bombing campaign. Jeff Palmer is called upon to track down the terrorists and their ringleader. His journey takes him to Mars ...and Sarah Rylance. Working together they uncover terrorist cells and a scientific conspiracy, culminating in a staggering discovery buried deep within the polar regions of Mars - The Martian Legacy.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781847992109
Publication date: 21st April 2008
Author: Edward Nickson
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 168 pages
Categories: Science fiction,

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