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Kingdoms of Experience

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Kingdoms of Experience Synopsis

A novice's tale of scaling Everest: ';Recommended for all armchair adventurers who have ever wondered what it would be like to climb in the Himalayas.'Geographical Magazine The last attempt to conquer Everest by the unclimbed northeast ridge had ended in failure and tragedy, with the deaths of two great climbers, Joe Tasker and Pete Boardman. Now, in March 1985, Mal Duff would lead a new expedition. Andrew Grieg and the others knew the risks as well as the excitement of the challengeand in this extraordinary book, Greig chronicles not only the assault on the peak but also the complex relationships of nineteen very different personalities living together. ';Poet, novelist, and novice climber Greigs insightful account of the 1985 ascent of Everests previously unclimbed northeast ridge provides an unusual perspective on the world of climbing. In comparison to many seasoned mountaineers, with their sometimes obsessive ';diehard' drive, Greig possesses a refreshing sense of enthusiasm and innocence. His lack of experience allows him to describe with great intensity and detail the difficult tasks of climbing in a methodical step-by-step fashion, allowing readers to grasp the complex challenges. Greig is often able to step back and observe the goings-on, providing a detached analysis of the group and its dynamics. To complement his version of events, he also draws liberally from the diaries of the other participants. A unique addition to mountaineering literature with charming and distinct characteristics.'Library Journal

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781847677402
Publication date: 26th November 2009
Author: Andrew Greig
Publisher: Canongate Books
Format: Ebook (Epub)