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Sharing Faith the Jesus Way by Jim Currin

Sharing Faith the Jesus Way

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Sharing Faith the Jesus Way by Jim Currin

Lets you explore principles linked to how Jesus shared the good news: on the road, in the home on the lake or up a mountain. This book presents the Gospels and follows His example, to make it possible, natural and a positive experience as we pray. It includes practical exercises to explore with a friend or wider group.


If you want to know how to evangelise, study the Gospels. This is the simple and profound truth that Jim communicates with clarity and in an accessible way for all those wanting to more actively engage in home mission. Pope Benedict XVI has repeatedly invited all Christians to participate in the 'New Evangelisation' - one that is new in means, ardour and expression. Sharing Faith the Jesus Way will be an aid to many in responding to that invitation which is so essential to the Church's future mission. Clare Ward, Home Mission Advisor, Catholic Bishops
Conference of England and Wales From The Church Times

- March 2012 When I began to read Jim Currin's book, I couldn't help wondering whether I would end up feeling guilty about not having been as effective as I would like in sharing my faith, or simply find myself with another model that somehow didn't really work for me. Neither turned out to be the case: this is an excellent book - encouraging, liberating, and, given its price, an absolute bargain. It is the fruit of more than 30 years
experience as a Church Army evangelist. Writing for those who don

't find it particularly easy to speak to others about their Christian faith, Currin believes that the heart of faith-sharing is about being available, as Jesus and his disciples were, to discover what God is going to do next with you and the people you meet. The book uses encounters in the Gospels to help us see how we can do this, and, in doing so, not only gives us a new confidence, but also refreshes our faith. He approaches the encounters that Jesus had with his contemporaries in a way that is completely faithful to the biblical narrative, but which also left me excited by the freshness of his insights. He writes about the importance of reflecting on our own story and how we are accepted by God, and on the stories of those we talk to, as well as on God's story and how his love is at the heart of the gospel. The author explores the link between prayer, caring, and sharing our faith; and writes about accompanying those who follow Jesus, besides reflecting on our own journey with God. There are some very helpful exercises, as well as some vivid and liberating illustrations from his experience, and three very helpful appendices. Review by Revd Jeremy Crossley Provides Christ-filled insights plus practical and spiritual stimulus to get us naturally introducing our friends to Jesus the Jesus way with supernatural consequences. David Spriggs, Bible and Church Consultant, Bible Society Not a formula or a programme, just a challenge to live differently... I recommend it to all Christians who want to make a difference where they are. Ian Bunce, Head of Mission Department, Baptist Union of Great Britain From The Baptist Times - August 2011 This book benefits from Jim Currin's experience as an evangelist with the Church Army and his awareness of contemporary cultural challenges for evangelism as Secretary for the Churches Together in England Group for Evangelisation. He has the gift of writing with clarity. His passion is to help ordinary Christians overcome their anxieties about evangelism and help them do it. Jim identified the top 50 sayings of Jesus, relating to sharing the Gospel. He has used these to create this book and other resources. The apparent simplicity of this approach should not be confused with ignorance or na vet . Jesus'
words indicate

'diversity and inclusion'; he had no set formula or approach when it came to explaining and involving people in the new life of God's Kingdom which he came to bring. So, we can be flexible in how we present the Gospel - both in terms of the language and the contexts we use but also in utilising approaches which fit our personality. In the introduction Jim tackles contemporary concerns about evangelism, whether it is appropriate anyway and how you can do it in a resistant society. He likes the model of 'witness'
and values the approach which seeks to connect three stories. There is your story, there is the story of the other person, and there is God

's story in Jesus. (Page 17). This book also emphasizes, again following Jesus, the importance of deep listening on our side if the other person is ever going to hear. The next chapters, which are the core of the book, consist of 1. Jesus accepts you as you are 2. Jesus respects the other person and sees their need 3. God's love is the key to the Gospel 4. Prayer, care and share good news 5. Accompanying those who follow Jesus 6. Your journey; going on with God. Each chapter is broken down into helpful sub sections, and groups of these are stimulated with 'follow up activities'. Supporting the use of the book there are six sermon outlines, six study notes for home groups (trialled in churches), plus other resources. Buy it; read it; use it, share it! Jim Currin has been a Church Army Evangelist since 1979 and is currently Secretary for Evangelisation at Churches Together in England. He has vast experience of leading missions as well as training people in evangelism. He has written articles, a number of Grove booklets including The 360 Gospel of Jesus , which introduces some of these ideas and the website www.jesus360.org.uk which provides support material for the book. The book is written for those who have struggled to know how to share their faith. It is presented in a very practical and down to earth way with good real life examples and each chapter includes practical exercises to explore with a friend or wider group. Jim's basic premise is that by looking at Jesus'
encounter with people in the gospels we can develop a model for our own encounters with people. Jim suggests that Jesus responded to the whole person and his response could not be predicted. Jim develops a model of encounter which seeks to bring our story, God

's story and the story of the person together so they speak to each other. The three being connected in a triangular relationship. Our encounters with people involve listening to their story and bringing our story and God's story to bear on it. His chapter titles give a good indication of his approach. *Jesus accepts you as you are. *Jesus respects the other person and sees their need. *God's love is the key to the gospel. *Prayer, care and share good news. *Accompany those who follow Jesus *Your journey, going on with God. At the end of the book Jim collects 50 things that Jesus said to different people at different times in the 4 Gospels, these are all things that could have been an answer to the question what must I do to inherit eternal life? One observation he makes that is a challenge to some evangelists, and a liberation for many, is that the word 'repent'
appears in only one of them

! I highly commend this book to anyone who wants to think more about sharing their faith with others. It could be used by bible study / fellowship / cell groups or for a sermon series. Jim provides notes for a 6 week sermon series on his website. Reviewed by Mark Wigglesworth, Director of Mission and Pioneer Ministry

About the Author

Jim Currin has been a Church Army Evangelist since 1979, involved in itinerant, regional ministry - leading missions, training, facilitating evangelism - except for four years as Director of Evangelism Studies at the Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism, Sheffield. He has written many articles, web material, study courses, diocesan workbooks, and currently writes a column for the web-based Christian Today, reviews books for The Good Bookstall and manages/writes for various websites including Church in New Housing Areas and Churches Together in England. He produced the web material for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and the Radio 4 Sunday Worship series Pathways of Prayer. He has written three Grove booklets for their evangelism series, the last being Paradox in the Gospel.

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22nd July 2011


Jim Currin

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