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A Spell of Good Things

"Set in contemporary Nigeria, this character-driven dazzler explores power, political corruption, social divisions and the human heart with breath-taking insight."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Ayòbámi Adébáyò’s A Spell of Good Things is one of those rare novels you might just lose yourself in, forgetting what time it is, or where you are. Such is its immersive power. 

Set in present-day Nigeria, it weaves a story of two families from either side of a wealth divide to expose social divisions and corruption. At the same time, through its brilliantly-drawn characters, and the seemingly unlikely connections between them, the novel also shows fundamental commonalities that persist, no matter what — love, passion, disappointment, frustration, and hope.

As a result of his father losing his job, Eniola’s family is struggling. A giant of a boy who looks like a man, Eniola runs errands and begs while dreaming of a different kind of life. Meanwhile, Wuraola appears to have it all. Born into a rich family, she’s a qualified doctor starting out on her career, yet she’s over-worked and dissatisfied.

From very different backgrounds, and on very different trajectories, Eniola and Wuraola’s lives become unexpectedly enmeshed. Epic in scope and fine in detail, this is a spellbinding story.

Joanne Owen

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