Let There Be Time

Paperback edition released 30/08/2020

by Karolina Robinson

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LoveReading Expert Review of Let There Be Time

An honest autobiographical account of a young woman’s struggle with alcoholism and ascent from the depths of dependence.

In this frank and friendly memoir of alcoholism, Karolina Robinson is nothing but honest in relating her experiences. The down-to-earth style makes Let There Be Time highly readable. There’s no distance between writer and reader here - Karolina’s voice and conversational exclamations ring loud and clear throughout.

Alcohol was always a massive part of my life,” Karolina reveals at the start of her story. As a child, she associated her parents’ excessive drinking with freedom and fun: “I used to get excited when I saw my parents drinking! They were less strict, more relaxed and would give me cash for candy!” She also recalls that bringing her mum a mug of wine every night gave her a sense that she was doing something good - she was taking care of mum.

From here, Karolina’s childhood descended into a much darker place, the details of which are recounted in her first book, Let There Be Light. In Let There Be Time she shares blunt details of her personal path to alcohol dependence, from getting drunk as a fourteen-year-old, to using alcohol to make friends and be liked by colleagues in the hospitality industry, running to the Netherlands, London and Malta in search of happiness. It was in Malta, after a painful break-up precipitated by an alcohol-fuelled argument, that Karolina “stopped drinking. I became the person I was always meant to be.

Joanne Owen

Let There Be Time Synopsis

In her first book, Let There Be Light, the Author talked about her difficult childhood and her struggles with domestic abuse. As we followed Karolina’s journey from a girl into a woman, many of us wondered how the life story of this young lady developed.

Let There Be Time, the Author’s final book, is a very public confession of her problematic relationship with alcohol. An intimate and honest portrait of the slippery road to the bottom and her intense climb back up. Karolina offers practical, effective advice on how to find the right path and, with a humourous, light-hearted approach, shares some truly disturbing life events.

“This book is for those who are ready! For those who are ready to claim back their time, reset it and start again!”

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781800940000
Publication date: 30th August 2020
Author: Karolina Robinson
Publisher: Michael Terence Publishing
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Biographies & Autobiographies

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ISBN: 9781800940000
Publication date: 30/08/2020
Format: Paperback

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