Your Life In My Hands - a Junior Doctor's Story

Paperback edition released 20/08/2020

by Rachel Clarke

Your Life In My Hands - a Junior Doctor's Story Synopsis

FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF DEAR LIFE 'I am a junior doctor. It is 4 a.m. I have run arrest calls, treated life-threatening bleeding, held the hand of a young woman dying of cancer, scuttled down miles of dim corridors wanting to sob with sheer exhaustion, forgotten to eat, forgotten to drink, drawn on every fibre of strength that I possess to keep my patients safe from harm.' How does it feel to be spat out of medical school into a world of pain, loss and trauma that you feel wholly ill-equipped to handle? To be a medical novice who makes decisions which - if you get them wrong - might forever alter, or end, a person's life? In Your Life in My Hands, television journalist turned junior doctor Rachel Clarke captures the extraordinary realities of life on the NHS frontline. During the historic junior doctor strikes of 2016, Rachel was at the forefront of the campaign against the government's imposed contract upon young doctors. Her heartfelt, deeply personal account of life as a junior doctor in today's NHS is both a powerful polemic on the degradation of Britain's most vital public institution and a love letter of optimism and hope to that same health service.

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ISBN: 9781789463651
Publication date: 20th August 2020
Author: Rachel Clarke
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 320 pages
Primary Genre Memoirs

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ISBN: 9781789463651
Publication date: 20/08/2020
Format: Paperback

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About Rachel Clarke

Before going to medical school, Dr Rachel Clarke was a television journalist and documentary maker. She now specialises in palliative medicine, caring deeply about helping patients live the end of their lives as fully and richly as possible - and in the power of human stories to build empathy and inspire change. Her first book, the Sunday Times bestselling YOUR LIFE IN MY HANDS, reveals what life is like for a junior doctor on the NHS frontline. Her forthcoming memoir DEAR LIFE (Little, Brown, Jan 2020) is based on her work in a hospice. It explores love, loss, grief, dying and ...

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Your Life In My Hands - a Junior Doctor's Story
Your Life In My Hands - a Junior Doctor's Story
Your Life In My Hands - a Junior Doctor's Story
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