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Griffinology Synopsis

Griffinology is a fascinating exploration of the mythical creature's many depictions in human culture. Drawing on a wealth of historical and literary sources, this book shows how the griffin has captured the imagination of people for over 5,000 years, representing power, transcendence and even divinity. It explores the history and symbolism of griffins in art, from their appearances in ancient Egyptian magic wands to medieval bestiaries, and from medieval coats of arms to corporate logos today. The use of the griffin as a symbol of power and protection is surveyed throughout history and into modern times. Beautifully illustrated, this book should appeal to all those interested in monsters, magic and the mystical, as well as art and history.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781789148466
Publication date: 13th May 2024
Author: A L McClanan
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 272 pages
Genres: Folklore, myths and legends
European history: medieval period, middle ages