Growing Presence of Real Options in Global Financial Markets

by John W. Kensinger

Part of the Research in Finance Series

Growing Presence of Real Options in Global Financial Markets Synopsis

Research in Finance seeks to provide a collection of quality research articles that reflect the current and primary issues in financial markets. Contributions include finance theory and financial practice, plus accounting issues such as reporting derivatives positions, reflecting intangible holdings, or predicting financial distress. The broad theme of this volume of Research in Finance is Comparing the Influence upon Equity Valuation of Strategy Compared with Cash Flow Expectations. Contributions assess the strong role of strategy in equity valuation, compared with valuation of expected dividends. We also see new evidence about the triggers for financial distress in emerging countries.

Growing Presence of Real Options in Global Financial Markets Press Reviews

Business scholars present their research findings into such aspects of finance as stock valuation using the dividend discount model: an internal rate of return approach, the relationship between dividend payment patterns and firm characteristics, options to choose among the most profitable of several states in the physical realm and the information realm, stock returns and financial distress risk: evidence from the Asian-Pacific markets, and the effect of derivatives on the index of bank stability in emerging countries: evidence and discussion.--Annotation (c)2018 (

Book Information

ISBN: 9781787148383
Publication date: 13th December 2017
Author: John W. Kensinger
Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 224 pages
Categories: Investment & securities, International economics,

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