The Colours of History

Paperback edition released 19/04/2018

by Clive Gifford

The Colours of History Synopsis

WINNER OF THE BLUE PETER BOOK AWARD BEST BOOK WITH FACTS 2019! A truly unique approach to history and a fascinating read that is guaranteed to keep boredom at bay, The Colours of History studies the shades, hues and pigments which have shaped the past and present. Why did Roman emperors wear purple? Which colour is made from crushed beetles? What green pigment might be used to build super-fast computers of the future? Find out the answers to these and many more questions in this vibrant exploration of the stories behind different colours, and the roles they've played throughout history. From black to white, and all the colours in between, every shade has a story to tell. Each colour group is introduced with a stunning and interpretive double-page spread illustration, followed by illustrated entries exploring the 'colourful' history of particular shades. With vivid, thought-provoking illustrations and engaging bite-sized text, this book is a feast for the eyes and the mind, ready to enthral budding artists and historians alike.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781784939670
Publication date: 19th April 2018
Author: Clive Gifford
Publisher: QED Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 64 pages
Primary Genre Children’s / Teenage general interest: Art and artists

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ISBN: 9781784939670
Publication date: 19/04/2018
Format: Paperback

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Clive Gifford has travelled to more than 70 countries, climbed rocket launch towers, ridden on robots and flown gliders. He's had more than 200 books published and received nominations for or won Royal Society, School Library Association, Smithsonian and TES awards. He won the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Book with Facts 2019 for his title The Colours of History (QED). Clive lives in Manchester, UK.

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The Colours of History
The Colours of History
The Colours of History
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