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A Fatal Inheritance

"Eloquently seductive, glamour and enchantment walk hand in hand alongside intrigue and mystery.."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A completely glorious and captivating read, one where glamour and enchantment walk hand in hand alongside intrigue and mystery. Step into 1948 and meet Eve, she goes against her stuffy husband’s wishes and travels to the French Riviera to find out about a mystery inheritance. As Eve attempts to uncover the riddle of her benefactor, she discovers the glittering world she has walked into may have a very ugly core. This is such a beautifully easy book to read, I simply slid into the pages and swam in the silky mysterious depths. I found myself willing Eve on, I became more and more fond of her, completely invested in the storyline. The surrounding characters are simply delicious, the allure of the French Riviera was dazzling. Rachel Rhys writes with the elegance of the age, the words and story wrapped themselves around me. Intrigue sparks intrigue, and a whiff of dastardly turns more deadly as information floats free. ‘Fatal Inheritance’ is eloquently seductive, I highly recommend finding yourself a beautiful spot and slipping into this rewarding story.

Liz Robinson

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The perfect, intelligent holiday read.

Set in 1948 in post-war London, Eve lives a boring suburban life. Out of nowhere she inherits a share in a house in the south of France. Against her husband’s advice (yes, really!), she sets out to visit the house to find out more. She meets a strange and interesting cast of characters as the truth is gradually revealed.

I read this during the current heatwave, all the time feeling I should have been reading it by the beach or a pool. A lovely guilty pleasure of a book – little effort required but very enjoyable.

Sarah Webb

Well.. I think I've found my new favourite author, what a great summer read! I loved this book, great cover. The premise of it's intriguing too - What do you do when a compete stranger leaves you a share of a house in The French Riviera? 10 out of 10!

Well.. I think I've found my new favourite author, what a great summer read! I loved the look of the book, great cover design, which always makes me want to open up read. The premise of it is intriguing - What do you do when a complete stranger leaves you a share of a house in The French Riviera? Well in Eve Forrester's case she goes there to see why and ends up embroiled in the lives of an American starlet, a famous author and a family travelling to France to see where their eldest son died during the war. She also meets the Lester family who own the other shares in the house, who really don't want her there and are less than welcoming.

Why did Guy Lester leave it to Eve?

Nicky Hudson

This cleverly written mystery is the perfect summer read whilst relaxing on holiday and I'd happily recommend it, Rachel Rhys is a fabulously talented and atmospheric author that writes like a dream and I will definitely be reading more by her again in the future. 

Rachel Rhys is the pen name for the very popular psychological thriller writer Tammy Cohen and this her second book "Fatal Inheritance" is a wonderful, historical fiction novel that will appeal to many readers young and old.  
Although not quite as gripping as the author's first book "A Dangerous Crossing" that I also enjoyed, this is however just as fabulously written and beautifully atmospheric. 
Set in 1948 on the gorgeous French Riviera, I could have been sitting there myself on the sun-drenched beach reading this book, it was so descriptive. I truly could smell the scent of lavender and honeysuckle and could easily imagine the uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean. 
I liked the main character Eve a lot and sympathised with her mundane life and husband.

Miriam Smith