The Bare Bum Gang and the Holy Grail

Paperback edition released 19/07/2018

by Anthony McGowan

Part of the The Bare Bum Gang Series

The Bare Bum Gang and the Holy Grail Synopsis

Ludo, Noah, Jamie, Phillip and Jennifer are THE BARE BUM GANG! They have an embarrassing name but a cool Gang Den, so things could be worse. Join the gang in a new adventure as they battle the forces of the evil Dockery Gang, guard with their lives the secrets of their underground sweet stash, and still get home in time for tea. Ludo and Noah go to the aid of an old tramp who has collapsed after being hassled by the Dockery gang. Everyone thinks he's a little bit crazy as he dresses in home made armour - his nickname is King Arthur. King Arthur asks Ludo to retrieve his 'treasure' and so the gang have to sneak past security guards and overcome various obstacles to help the old man. But can they get to the treasure before anyone else?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781782957966
Publication date: 19th July 2018
Author: Anthony McGowan
Publisher: Red Fox an imprint of Penguin Random House Children's UK
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 160 pages
Primary Genre Children’s / Teenage fiction: School stories

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ISBN: 9781782957966
Publication date: 19/07/2018
Format: Paperback

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About Anthony McGowan

Anthony McGowan was born in Manchester in 1965. Educated at a Catholic comprehensive, he won't say that his character's schooldays are exactly based on his own but he certainly writes from experience. Before turning to writing full-time, Anthony gained a PhD in Philosophy, worked as a nightclub bouncer, an Open University tutor, a journalist and a civil servant. He is married with two children. He won the 2006 Booktrust Teenage Prize and Catalyst Award for his teenage novel Henry Tumour.

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The Bare Bum Gang and the Holy Grail
The Bare Bum Gang and the Holy Grail
The Bare Bum Gang and the Holy Grail
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