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Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

Mend & Make Fabulous

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Mend & Make Fabulous by Denise Wild

The ability to repair and restore clothes is priceless, and Mend and Make Fabulous provides a comprehensive guide to all the classic mending techniques and then some! Not only will you learn to darn holes to perfection, this book also shows you how adding some creativity to your mending will make clothes even more fabulous than they were the first time around. While there are several blog posts and articles in fashion and mainstream media that offer a smattering of tips on the subject, none of the advice currently available - online or in existing publications - offers a detailed or consolidated resource on all the mending techniques needed to work with all types of clothing mishaps. The techniques in Mend and Make Fabulous range from easy fixes to more involved creative techniques. Each chapter comprises a series of problems and their 'straight' solutions, whether darning, using interfacing, or overdyeing fabric. The chapters are rounded off with a range of tutorials offering ideas for ways in which the garment or item can be made a little more fabulous, whether by adding lace or ruffles, beading, or simply using a contrasting thread for darning.


Has your zip seam ever split, your buttonhole unravelled, buttons fallen off, hem come undone? You need this book. Denise provides mending solutions for all these and more. Step by step instructions and lots of photographs throughout. Change the fastening on a garment, mend a broken chain, dye something tired in a new colour. Lots of ways to make your clothes new We've all heard the Make Do and Mend message from wartime Britain, but many sewing books from that time assumed a great deal of knowledge and skill. Once passed on from generation to generation, the ability to replace a zip, mend tears and take up a hem can no longer be taken for granted. Sewing on a button is something many of us procrastinate over, let alone turning an old shirt into a child's nightdress as they did in the 40s, when clothes were rationed. If the classic mending techniques have passed you by, or your fashion budget isn't as large as you'd like, Make & Mend Fabulous overs solutions for all the usual mending nightmares, backed up by simple step-by-step photos and illustrations. Author Denise Wild also includes a wide variety of ways to inject your garments with some creative flair, such as adding lace or ruffles, bleach or dye. Whether your waistline is tight or loose, your bodice is too blousey,or you're looking to distress your denim, Make & Mend Fabulous gives you all the information and inspiration you need to transform your wardrobe.-Mumtopia Even if you don't sew you still want your clothes to look their best, and if you do perhaps there is something you can add or take away to make the item look better. Or maybe you have an old garment that is no longer in fashion or is a trifle worn; instead of throwing it away why not upcycle it instead? Here is a whole book about mending and upcycling. There are two types of page in here, those labelled mend it , and those labelled make it fabulous . Find out how to repair tears in most fabrics, fix a broken lingerie strap or clasp, redye a faded item and sort out a bunched seam. Or why not change a garment by adding a ruffle, adding a colorful statement patch or swap boring buttons for something different. None of this is difficult to do, but even if you have been on a sewing course these are the things you won't have learned. The book is divided into sections, such as seams, color, fastenings, garment care etc and under each heading in the index you can see the various topics, grouped under the two headings. Each project features Search Press
excellent photographic and captioned stages plus tips and a good image of the fault before and after. At the back you can find a useful section about laundering various fabrics, a list of tools used and glossary of terms. These useful methods are the sort of thing most of us need to know, but this is the first time I have seen a book that shows you how it is done, and so simply too. A staple addition to just about all women

's bookcases - The author starts by saying A true fashion devotee strives to keep all her clothes looking as good as new. The ability to repair, revive and even revamp a garment is priceless . The first part of this book explains how to make basic repairs in all types of materials and garments. From repairing denim to lace and all weights in between are discussed. The Make it fabulous sections should produce many ideas for those with a need to increase their wardrobe without too much diminution of their purse. The final sections are full of tips on laundering, fabric care and a glossary on the tools used by the author. This book will inspire the modern make and mend woman! This on trend book will help you make your wardrobe last longer, or to jazz up any thrifting bargains. It covers each kind of repair that could be need to your clothes, showing different variations, or how to do it on different fabrics. Then after showing you how to mend it tells you how to take it one step further, how to upcycle it or revamp it to make it even better than before. The repairs covered include fixing tears/holes in fabric, repairing problems with seams or hems, fixing or replacing fastenings, changing the colour of a garment and dealing with strap problems. The book is full of bright close up photos showing you every little detail of the techniques making it easy to follow. I think it would make a useful addition to any stitchers library. We are all sure to need at least one or two of techniques at some point.-The Sewing Directory Denise Wild, former magazine editor and found of The Sewing Studio in the US, shows how the classic mending techniques can be taken a little further to add style to your clothes. This book is comprehensive resource that combines visual inspiration with practical advice for the fashion conscious sewer. Mend & Make Fabulous contains a wide-ranging guide to mending clothing mishaps, from darning a hole to repairing rips. The book then takes these easy fixes (once you know how) and turns each item into something fabulous with the addition of lace, ruffles, beading, or simply adding a contrasting thread. - Craft Focus'

About the Author

Former magazine editor Denise Wild started teaching sewing classes in her Toronto apartment in 2004 while she was working at FLARE, Canada's top fashion publication. Those classes evolved into The Sewing Studio, now North America's leading sewing school with locations in Toronto and New York City. In 2010, Denise merged her love of sewing with her passion for magazines by creating, the top online sewing destination and the only sewing portal to focus on fashion and style.

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Publication date

21st January 2014


Denise Wild

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Search Press Ltd


160 pages


Needlework & fabric crafts



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