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Love at War

"This is a gentle but unputdownable read."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Love at War is a beautifully written emotional journey of a young woman living in South Wales during WW2. Anna Christensen is very bright and has ambitions to go far. Society and her family would have her marry and settle down immediately following her graduation from the local business school. But Anna wants more from life and is determined to have a successful career before she submits to becoming someone’s wife. When Anna starts her first job role in a typing pool, she immediately impresses her superiors and is quickly given the opportunity to cover a secretarial role for someone suffering poor health. She wishes the poor woman well, but is grateful for the opportunity and wants to make a good impression. Which she immediately does, not only on her new boss, but also several men who work in the vicinity. For not only is Anna bright, she is also exceptionally beautiful. Unfortunately for Anna being so attractive has its drawbacks, and she draws attention from those that she’s rather not. Anna doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and having had quite a sheltered upbringing is naturally curious about the opposite sex. She is first asked out by an old friend and Neighbour who she doesn’t believe she is remotely attracted to, until he kisses her, and then she wonders just what kind of woman she is, when she enjoys it, but doesn’t really like him. Of course, it is possible to feel a physical attraction to someone without having feelings for them, but Anna is yet to learn this. At work, Anna has two other potential suitors in the form of a particularly charming captain, and a handsome 2nd lieutenant who is possibly even nicer and more willing to please than Anna herself. In a blink of an eye Annas love life goes from non existent to what we might call these days ‘a bit messy’. With War raging on in the background, Anna knows that she should live for today, but what exactly does that mean for her and her chosen man. This is a gentle but unputdownable read, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Vicky Leigh Sayer, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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An easy read, well written and characters who you root for, or not as the case may be.

We open in South Wales and Anna is supporting her mother who has been recently widowed. Anna is learning business and typing and is supported in getting a job at the local docks. Doesn't sound glamorous but with the war on there are plenty of uniforms wandering about. One catches her eye, Charles, a well-known cad with plenty of girlfriends and a love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude. His colleague is also interested in Anna but realises he doesn't stand a chance. Also there is Davy, the gangly boy next door who, after his call up and army training, isn't gangly any more. Does Anna go with the faithless spine tingling of Charles or the faithful Geoff? An easy read, well written and characters who you root for, or not as the case may be.... Read Full Review

Linda Amos