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The Faeries of Fable Island

"This is a quick read, and one that is perfect as either a standalone read or one I'd love to see a sequel too. Perfect for fantasy fans who believe in magic and possibilities!"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An intriguing premise and one that made me jump at the chance to read this. With the promise of magic, adventure and Faerie Tales, we follow Meg, the great, great granddaughter of Wendy Darling as she seeks to discover if Fable Island is real after all. I adored the way this was written, the author's ability to blend modern times with the magic of a fabled book, a hidden Island, Peter Pan and the possibility of magic and Faeries. Well written, I was instantly drawn to Meg who is dealing with the grief of the death of her mother when she was six, her fathers leaving shortly after and her troublesome relationship with her Aunt. This book as well as all the elements of magic and fantasy realms deals with some other heavier subjects like grief, the death of a child and finding out who you are. I loved the idea of what the Island actually represents in the end, the sense of wonder and mystery surrounding Peter, Faeries and the island. Throughout, the real backstory of Meg's ancestors is slowly revealed and we learn the importance of belief and hope through Meg and her best friend. The ending of this one was perfectly in line with the whole vibe of the book, and leaves the reader wondering at what happens next. Belief and hope to the end. This is a quick read, and one that is perfect as either a standalone read or one I'd love to see a sequel too. Perfect for fantasy fans who believe in magic and possibilities!

Cathryn Melani, A LoveReading ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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This is a thought-provoking, character driven novel with a dash of magical realism about trying to find hope and belief in your darkest moments.

A thought provoking interpretation of a coming of age fantasy adventure. Megan is the great-great-granddaughter of Wendy Darling, struggling to cope after her mother’s death and her father’s disappearance, living with her aunt surrounded by family heirlooms. Connected to her family’s story is the one of Fable Island, a lost magical island where Peter Pan and the Faerie Queen reside. Will Meg be able to overcome her grief and discover this elusive island as her family thinks she would, and will she be able to discover a free-spirited self and open herself up to the possibility of magic? I thought that ‘The Faeries of Fable Island’ is an interesting take on a coming-of-age fantasy adventure.... Read Full Review

Charlotte Walker