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Walking with Anne Brontë: Insights and Reflections: An Anthology

"A goldmine of information shedding light and insight on the life and work of Anne Brontë."

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LoveReading Says

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This extensive literary biography seeks to highlight and celebrate Anne Brontë, bringing her out of the shadow of her sisters and deservedly into the foreground alongside them. This anthology of sixteen personal and academic essays, collected poems and comprehensive analysis of supporting extant texts, research and editors notes is a goldmine of information for anyone studying or simply keen to know more about the youngest Brontë sister.

Anne Brontë has been a literary figure that has been overlooked and even disparaged by critics over the years, with unflattering comparisons made to Charlotte and Emily - the seeds of the dismissal of Anne’s achievements even sown by her own sister. This collection of both academic explorations of what we know of Anne’s life, detailed dissections of her work and more personal essays and poems to honour her take on the less favourable viewpoints and disprove them or offer a more celebratory alternative. This celebration is done notably without the disparaging of Charlotte or Emily - there is a keen sense of bringing Anne up to their level of acclaim instead of tearing them down, which adds a level-headedness that makes the collection more compelling.

To risk repeating myself, Walking with Anne Brontë is an extensive and comprehensive history that I think really does justice to a commonly overshadowed literary figure.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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