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Focus on Leukemia Research

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Focus on Leukemia Research Synopsis

This new book brings together leading research from around the globe. Leukaemia is cancer that begins in blood cells. In people with leukaemia, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells. The abnormal cells are leukaemia cells. At first, leukaemia cells function almost normally. In time, they may crowd out normal white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The scope of the book includes the four common types of leukaemia: Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (chronic lymphoblastic leukaemia, CLL) most often affecting people over age 55. Chronic myeloid leukaemia (chronic myelogenous leukaemia, CML) affects mainly adults. Acute lymphocytic leukaemia (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, ALL) the most common type of leukaemia in young children. Acute myeloid leukaemia (acute myelogenous leukaemia, AML) which occurs in both adults and children. New advances in diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy are presented.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781594540936
Publication date: 1st December 2004
Author: Rafael M. Romero
Publisher: Nova Science Publishers an imprint of Nova Science Publishers Inc
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 190 pages
Series: Horizons in Cancer Research
Genres: Medical research