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How Did I Get Here?

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How Did I Get Here? Synopsis

All of us find ourselves, at one time or another facing the unexpected and asking "e;How did I get here?"e; Whether because of disappointments in love, crises in health, family or finances, professional dissatisfaction, or events beyond your control, life doesn't look like you expected or intended it to. In this program Barbara De Angelis teaches you how to use whatever you're going through as a springboard for regeneration and rebirth.With her remarkable blend of timeless wisdom, practical techniques, and down-to-earth advice, she helps you to:*Recognize and understand significant transitions, turning points, and wake-up calls on your path*Transform fear into courage, confusion into vision, and self-doubt into confidence*Turn what appears to be dead ends into doorwaysWritten with Barbara De Angelis' trademark eloquence, honesty and compassion, and containing the treasures of her own thirty-five year quest for enlightenment, HOW DID I GET HERE is a more than uplifting, intimate and moving--it is a true transformational manual for achieving emotional and spiritual rebirth that will change your life.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781593975111
Publication date: 1st May 2005
Author: Barbara De Angelis
Publisher: Macmillan Audio Macmillan Audio
Format: Ebook