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I Could Love You

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I Could Love You Synopsis

British suburbanites wrestle with the trials of midlife: ';Smart, crisp insight and lacerating wit... The feel of a Nick Hornby novel with a little more teeth' (Publishers Weekly). When Belinda discovers her husband is having an affair, she's furious, hurt, and bent on leveling the score. But Belinda isn't the only one in her affluent suburban neighborhood suffering the indignities and disappointments of middle age. Instead of resting comfortably in the glow of earlier good decisions, she and her neighbors have just as much angst as they did in their twenties. One of Belinda's friends fears her own husband is unfaithful, too. But when she finds out there's no other womanthat he's found God insteadthis, to her, is the biggest betrayal. A renowned artist, near death, is convinced that his entire life has been a waste. And a schoolteacher, upon achieving his dream of selling a screenplay to Hollywood, finds himself buffeted by the maddening whims of the studio executives, who are no longer looking for a serious drama, but a low-brow comedy about a talking dog. Yet, even as the grownups in this searching, beautifully told story try to claw back the happiness that has slipped away, two college kids who believed they'd never find love discover a glimmer of hope...

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781569479551
Publication date: 5th July 2011
Author: William Nicholson
Publisher: Soho Press
Format: Ebook (Epub)