Your Mental Health Workout

Ebook edition released 13/05/2021

by Zoë Aston

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LoveReading Expert Review of Your Mental Health Workout

Your Mental Health Workout is the mental health equivalent of a five-week gym membership. Fun, informative, practical and friendly.

Your Mental Health Workout focuses on giving your mind some attention, in the same way you might change your eating or exercise habits to get physically fitter. Think of it as the mental health equivalent of a five-week gym membership, focusing on your thoughts and feelings and how you respond to them. The book was very easy to navigate, with weekly checklists and planners at the beginning to keep me on track (printable copies are available from the author’s website). Everything in the book is very practical and explained in simple terms and a friendly tone. I loved the way Zoe Aston, a psychotherapist, approaches a mental health workout in the same way we would approach a physical one – setting goals, warming up, weekly workouts and daily workouts – with easy exercises to build ‘mental muscle’. There’s even an additional chapter on ‘Physio for your feelings’. A fun and informative way to look after my mental health and keep stress and anxiety at bay. 

Victoria Goldman

Your Mental Health Workout Synopsis

In just 5 weeks, you will come out of Your Mental Health Workout with a sharper mind, clearer-decision making skills and greater resilience.

Your Mental Health Workout™ provides you with exercises, tools, affirmations and expert guidance so you can start looking after your mental health for the long term. Zoë Aston, psychotherapist and mental health consultant to many high-profile individuals, has devised a ground-breaking 5-week schedule to help you build mental muscle; she incorporates 2 to 3 years of one-to-one therapy in one book. Our mental health is just like our physical health; we all have psychological weak spots or injuries and, just like physical injury, when they get used they may feel tender or uncomfortable. They need to be cared for in the right way so they can heal.

Zoë's tried-and-tested workout plan, which helps to normalise the conversation around mental health, is split into weekly and daily sets. The weekly workouts help develop accountability, commitment to yourself and others and encourage physical exercise as a form of mood management. While your daily workouts move your focus inwards, providing space and time for you to look after the integrity of your mind through development of healthy self-talk. At the end of the book, there is a handy planner so you can easily track your progress.

By following Zoë's plan you will become stronger, happier and can create the internal emotional landscape you want to live in.

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ISBN: 9781529354058
Publication date: 13th May 2021
Author: Zoë Aston
Publisher: Yellow Kite an imprint of Hachette
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Mind and Body - Books To Help You Be Better
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Zoë Aston Press Reviews

'I worked with Zoë for 6 months, prior to which I had always been quite sceptical about whether I would benefit from therapy. During that time she helped me to get to know myself, understand myself, and be kinder to myself.' - Dr Zoë Williams

'Zoë's techniques are easy and give great results. Her work has given me wonderful insight into how I can look after my mind and makes mental wellness feel accessible to everyone. I highly recommend Your Mental Health Workout™ to anyone who has the desire to improve their emotional health.' - Pixie Lott

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ISBN: 9781529354058
Publication date: 13/05/2021
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