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The Darkness Manifesto

"An engaging, thought-provoking, and hugely inspiring read about the importance of darkness within our natural world."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Accessible, fascinating, and stimulating, The Darkness Manifesto acts as a siren call for anyone who is concerned about the affect of humanity on our environment. With a translation by Elizabeth DeNoma, Swedish author, scientist, light pollution expert, and conservationist Johan Ekloef explores the contradiction of man-made light in natural darkness, light pollution is a hugely worrying issue that is altering our world. Johan Ekloef explains: “With this book, I examine the impact that darkness and the night have on all living creatures… I hope that this book will inspire others, function as a reminder of the importance of letting the night be a part of our lives and give insight into how much damage artificial light can do”. He explains that over billions of years our planet has changed form, yet one thing has remained constant, day and night. Every living thing has developed and uses the biological clock in a different way. In the last 150 years since the lightbulb was invented, artificial light has spilled into the world causing disorder, from sending baby turtles in the wrong direction, to preventing mating rituals. He takes you into a different world, one where darkness is home to so many living things. He doesn’t lecture, he explains, shows, encourages you to look beyond our own lives. He is concerned about the amount of time we have to act as so many animals are on the verge of extinction. He is fully aware of the need for safety and security, but there are solutions available. There are several countries that have projects that promote darkness, city areas that understand the need for changes during birds migration. And so, he offers hope, we can make changes, we can welcome the night and everything that dwells within it. He has written a manifesto that we can live by, and it's beautiful, important, and needs to be shouted out for the world to hear. Chosen as a LoveReading Star Book and Liz Pick of the Month, The Darkness Manifesto opens eyes, hearts, and minds to beauty of darkness, and the importance of its continued existence. 

If you are interested in reading other books about nature that will take you outside your own experience then I can highly recommend An Immense World by Ed Yong, Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake, and Empire of Ants by Olaf Fritsche and Susanne Foitzik.

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