Ebook edition released 04/04/2017

by Eleanor Wasserberg

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LoveReading Expert Review of Foxlowe

January 2017 Debut of the Month.

One of our Books of the Year 2016.

Green, her little sister Blue and October - known as Toby - are children growing up in Foxlowe, a huge old home on the moors. They run free, and play endlessly, and don't go to school, but they are also part of a cult, "the Family", obsessed with keeping out "the Bad". They're forced to endure the pain of "Spike Walks" if they don't behave in the way in which they are supposed to, and they grasp, dangerously in the end, for any scrap of affection thrown their way. Eleanor Wasserberg tells her story from the perspective of Green, from her outrage at the arrival of her new sister Blue, to their bonding, and then Green's eventual betrayal. It's unsettling and persuasive, impressively well-executed and, at the last, utterly disturbing. I'm still flinching away from thinking about the final scene.

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June 2016 Debut of the Month.

Alison Flood

Foxlowe Synopsis

';Unrelentingly eerie . . . packed with subtle, skin-crawling suspense . . . When it comes to crafting an immersive atmosphere of fear and unease, Foxlowe is a delicious slice of darkness.'NPRAn astonishing literary debut about a young girl's coming of age in the haunting, enchanting world of an English communea modern gothic novel with echoes of Room and Never Let Me Go Foxlowe is a crumbling old house in the moorsa wild, secluded, and magical place. For Green, it is not just home, but everything she knows. Outside, people live in little square houses, with unhappy families and tedious jobs. At Foxlowe, Green runs free through the hallways and orchards, in the fields and among the Standing Stones. Outside, people are corrupted by money. At Foxlowe, the Family shares everything. Outside, the Bad is everywhere. At Foxlowe, everyone in the Family is safeas long as they follow Freya's rules and perform her rituals. But as Green's little sister, Blue, grows up, she shows more and more interest in the Outside. Before long she starts to talk about becoming a Leaver. . . . Building inexorably to its terrifying climax, Foxlowe tells a chilling, irresistible story of superstition and survival, betrayal and redemption, and a utopia gone badly wrong.

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ISBN: 9781524755652
Publication date: 4th April 2017
Author: Eleanor Wasserberg
Publisher: Books on Tape Books on Tape
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Family Drama
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ISBN: 9781524755652
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